Yoga Poses for Flat Stomach: 5 Yoga Asanas that make you Skinny!

Yoga Poses for Flat Stomach by Her Flawless Life

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It’s a dream of every girl to get a flat tummy to have sexy slim looks. When you look at those supermodels who flash their perfect bodies in swimsuits, everything looks top notch.

Not everyone wants to become a supermodel for a fashion magazine but having a slim and fit body is always treated as a good characteristic. In this post, we have compiled a list of 5 Yoga Poses for Flat Stomach that will help you to get rid of belly fat.

Before you rush to perform these poses, remember that you need to enhance your water intake and nutritional value to burn fat faster than before.

You can replace your junk food with fruits. Add stretching to your morning routine and before practicing these poses.

If possible, get a customized diet plan from a nutritionist to grow your cells in the right manner.

We usually recommend getting a gym membership to get rapid results. But if you are a girl who doesn’t like to go out, then these yoga poses for a flat stomach might get useful for you.

And here we go…

5 Yoga Poses for Flat Belly

Yoga Poses for Flat Stomach Pin by Her Flawless Life

You don’t have to feel nervous at all. These yoga poses for a flat tummy are so basic that even your kids can do it.

Just get a good yoga mat, a water bottle to keep yourself hydrated, in some ambiance music in the background.

And here we go…

Superman Pose

Superman Yoga Woman by Her Flawless Life

As you can see in this image, this is a yoga pose that you have to perform while lying down on a yoga mat. At first glance, it looks like the flying superman shape.

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This pose is very simple. Just lie upside down (on your stomach) and stretch your arms and legs in an upward direction. You have to stretch and hold it as much as you can.

This yoga pose will target your core muscles and you’ll feel tension around your navel. You can set new benchmarks by holding this pose to break your own previous record.

Boat Pose

Boat Yoga Pose for Woman by Her Flawless Life

This is a yoga pose that challenges your mind and body balance. Start this post by sitting still and bending your knees.

Then start lifting your legs in a straight manner and place your hands around the knees to maintain balance.

You can perform this yoga pose only on a yoga mat as the rigid concrete ground will hurt your tailbone.

You can try holding this pose for 30 seconds to 2 minutes. This will hit your abdomen and you’ll be sweating in no time.

Plank Pose

Plank Woman Yoga by Her Flawless Life

Now, you’ll say that it’s a typical workout exercise, but its origins are from the ancient yoga of India. The plank exercise is the simplest yet most difficult activity to perform.

It targets all the front muscles of your body, and especially your core muscles. Planks are really simple. Just like the Superman pose, you have to lie down upside down and then hold your weight on your elbows.

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Keep your back straight and breathe slowly. Try to extend time in the same position. The longer you will hold, the harder it will become to stay in the position.

Bow Pose

Inverted Bow Yoga Woman by Her Flawless Life

The Bow Pose or Upward Arc is one of the best Yoga Poses for Flat Stomach on this list. In this yoga pose, you have to lie down normally and then place your feet and palms in a position to lift your body like an arc.

This yoga pose is good for your digestive system and also helps in correcting the position of your spine. If you have a sitting lifestyle, then you should definitely practice this yoga pose to stretch your body daily to get your body aligned.

Moreover, a stretched spine can also add few centimeters to your height, making you look taller and thinner.

You’ll feel tension and pressure on your abdominal muscles, helping burn the lower belly fat on your body.

Side Plank Pose

Side Plank Woman Workout by Her Flawless Life

Just like the normal plank exercise, side plank exercise targets your oblique muscles. Also known as love handles, these muscles are responsible for your waist size.

If you want to cut down to those inches faster than expected, then you should definitely target your oblique muscles.

The best part to target those muscles is to hit a core workout. You can also follow this infographic to have a basic home workout routine.

Home Workout Routine by Her Flawless Life

All you need to do is, leave your couch and shake your body. Remember, pain is the aim.

Final Thoughts on Getting Flat Stomach

To be honest, you cannot achieve faster results by only practicing these yoga poses for a flat stomach. Losing weight requires dedication and discipline in terms of physical and mental processes.

You have to become strict with your diet plan and you should always focus on eating a balanced diet. Due to the consumption of junk foods and snacks, the obesity rate is increasing. While you cannot be responsible for everyone’s health, you can focus on your own status.

In the end, it all counts to diet, mindset, and physical activities for setting a new fitness level.

We hope that this post will help you to look skinny. Follow us on Pinterest for the latest updates.

Keep coming back to read more great stuff, buh bye.

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