Wavy Hair 101: How to Care Wavy Hair at Home! (Even Short Wavy Hair)

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This is a fact that girls with wavy hair are so lucky in this world. If you think that you’ve wavy hair and you are not happy about them, then you need to listen to those girls who are starving for some natural waves in their hair. For sure, there’s a need to be a balance between the good natural wavy texture of hair and volume.

In this post, we will see how you can take care of wavy hair at home without feeling it like a struggle to go through. It’s pretty easy to carry them with full confidence if you know some quick hair hacks.

To be honest, caring wavy hair needs much attention as compared to straight hair, as you have to clean them with chemicals without losing their wavy texture. In short, you need to follow a good hair care routine to make them look good every day.

Without wasting any more time, let’s get to the tips…

7 Useful Hair Tips for Wavy Hair at Home

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So, we’ve gone through several articles by famous hair brands like Loreal and Tresseme, and we’ve also consulted a hair specialist for this post. The following tips are super safe for your hair and you can follow them without any hesitation.

If you think that we missed any useful tip, you can always comment down and we’ll add it here with your credits.

And here we go…

Use the Correct Shampoo & Conditioner

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Having a naturally wavy hair texture and using a common shampoo can be a bigger sin that you are doing to your beauty. You have to raise some standards by not compromising on cheap products.

Bigger and Better results come with the sacrifice of bigger and better efforts. You can visit a hair specialist who can recommend you a customized shampoo and conditioner. If you ask us then we recommend Loreal’s Sulfate-Free Frizz Controlling Shampoo for your hair. You have to use the products that are meant for your body type.

Experiment with different products and settle down on what makes your body better. Just like there’s a specific medicine for a specific cure, you also need to find the specific hair product for your specific kind of hair quality.

Use Natural Drying Process

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You have to understand that using any kind of heat on your wavy or curly hair can create hair locks and frizziness that can damage your hair. Using heat roads is a common practice to enhance the waviness of your hair but you can damage your hair if you use it on a regular basis.

As same as heating road, using heated blow dryers can also make your hair look super dry and rough. For the solution, we recommend you to use natural air like a table fan, or going on your rooftop can help you to get your natural texture.

Or you can also use cold air from a hairdryer as an alternative. Also, use the patting method instead of rubbing the harsh material of a towel.

Frizz Taming Serum

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Hair Serums are super helpful when it comes to protecting your hair from heat and pollution that is around you. No matter what kind of hair texture you got, if you are not using any hair serum after washing your hair then you are doing something wrong. If you have read our post on Hair Care Routine then you’ll find how useful it is for your hair.

Our hair and skin are exposed to unwanted harmful pollutants and you need to cover your hair with some kind of layer that protects them from pollution and heat.

Don’t try to save pennies by not using these products. We are not forcing you to spend extra from your pocket but considering the current level of air quality, your body really needs it.

Don’t Forget Oiling

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This is a common issue in today’s generation. Just look at your mother or your grandmother. They both have strong hair and the number one reason behind this is adapting a strong habit of oiling your hair.

Your body needs cell simulation and essential nutrients that your diet is not able to provide due to bad eating habits.

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This is why you should always oil your hair once a week to make them look shiny and healthy. You can use Onion Oil as it is marked as the best suitable hair oil for faster growth and stronger roots.

Massage your scalp gently and leave it overnight. Wash your hair in the morning and feel the bouncy hair. Just remember, oiling is a must!

Apply Hair Mousse

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Okay, we have stopped you to use Hair Spray on your wavy hair but you are free to use some hair mousse on an occasional basis. Hair mousse is a foam that helps in getting a wavy texture of your hair and also maintaining the natural bounce in them.

Bouncy hair is considered has as a symbol of a healthy-looking body. You can observe all those celebrities in the T.V. commercials and you’ll find the common pattern of having bouncy hair.

This is why you can apply some Hair Mousse to set your hair. Again, anything chemical is not good and you have to limit its usage. 

Don’t Use Hair Spray

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You can see everyone using a hair spray to set their hair for a particular occasion. Nowadays, salon people have made it so common but using a hair spray has many demerits.

Excessive use can lead to unwanted frizziness, prematurely grey hair, and loss of natural hair texture.

The third point in the above line can make your life worse. God has gifted you with Natural Wavy Hair and you already have a beautiful hair texture. We always recommend you to let them free in a natural bouncy manner.

Setting them with Hair Spray can create irritating hair locks and the curly and wavy texture of your hair can make them worse. You can get a hair spa if you think your hair is getting frizzy within short intervals of time.

Get Frequent Trims

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You have to get frequent hair trims due to the rough texture of your hair. As a result of your wavy texture, you can experience split ends and unwanted curls at the end of your hair.

To get rid of these kinds of issues, you can visit your nearest salon or you can trim your hair by yourself.

You can follow this self hair trimming video tutorial to do it at home.

With this, you will end up getting short wavy hair but this trimming part is necessary to give them volume and strength.

Final Thoughts on Wavy Hair

And that’s a wrap. Getting and Maintaining wavy hair can seem to be tricky but it is not in the real life. You have to get used to your hair and you may feel frizziness at some moments and that’s completely normal.

If you have been active on Instagram then you will realize that getting wavy hair can help you to get a lot of followers if you combine your hairstyle with great hair color. You can check this post on Unique Hair Colors that You’ll Love to Have.

We hope that you will love this post and feel free to share it with your friends and family to help them sort their wavy hair.

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