10 Effective Tips to Wake Up Early every Morning!

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Many people are struggling to wake up early in the morning. You want to wake up early in the morning and for that, you need to sleep early in the night. But, this social media feed is giving you the latest content and how can you miss it?

Our generation, especially students and teens are diverting into a bad habit of breaking their sleep cycle and waking up late at night. As a result, they face health complications like dark circles and headaches.

And, here we come with this amazing post on how to fix your sleep cycle and wake up early in the morning, even before your alarm clock.

How to Wake Up Early in the Morning

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To be honest, these tips to wake up early will only work if you are willing to do so. The main problem resists in our lifestyle. With the advancements in technology and innovations, human beings are getting lazier day by day.

And there is a great need for adopting a healthy lifestyle. This is why we have compiled a list of 10 Effective Tips to Wake Up Early in the morning.

And here we go…

Avoid Digital Devices Before Sleep

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This is the number one problem with our generation these days. The new era of digital media is bringing a revolutionary change in the process of communication worldwide.

You can connect to anyone in the world with some clicks and you’ll get engaged in every little thing on the Internet. As a result, you become super famous among your friends by knowing the latest hashtags but this style of living is killing your health.

These screens have a bad impact on the human eye. If you have some knowledge about the upcoming technology, then you may already know that companies are adding a ‘Reading Mode‘ in screens to reduce Blue Light on your eyes.

These lights are not good for your sleep pattern. And if you are that one person who scrolls social media feed 5 minutes before falling due to tiredness, then stop this habit right now.

You have to put down your mobile, at least 1 hour before bed, to get your eye health status back on track. It is tough, but worth your life.

Set a Difficult Alarm

Woman Difficult Alarm by Her Flawless Life

Haha! This is a funny thing to do with yourself. The concept of setting a difficult alarm is to give you the challenge to stop that irritating sound of the alarm clock.

This trick works all the time and you will kill yourself for doing this every day to you. But it’s worth giving a try.

Here’s how to set a difficult alarm:

If you have a traditional alarm clock, then you just need to turn off the snooze button and place the alarm a bit far from your bed. Just make sure you can listen to the alarm properly and the distance is not too long.

Place it somewhere on the other end of the house. It must be loud enough so that you can listen to it even from the other side of the room.

Now, if you are a person who sets an alarm on their smartphone, then you can consider downloading this alarm app. It gives you mathematics problems in order to stop the alarm.

By setting this kind of difficult alarm, you can force your brain to focus and your sleep will be woosh…

Sleep with Curtains Open

An old trick that always works. You can sleep with the curtains open at night.

The window will wake you up with sunlight beaming at your face. It’s a little trick that you can use to set a natural alarm.

Also, make sure you open the curtains from where they let the light fall on your face. You cannot enjoy Vitamin D while dreaming instead of getting ready for work.

Don’t Over Eat Before Bed

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The people who eat a lot before bed tend to wake up late. Over digestion system needs blood flow to the pancreas.

This is the reason why you feel dizzy after eating a lot at lunch. The same concept applies before bed.

Even in the ancient Ayurveda, the scholars and professionals always advise you to eat light meals after 8 in the evening.

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So, plan your meals accordingly and do not eat heavy stuff before bed to wake at the right time.

Sleep at 10, Wake at 5

This is a scientific approach to set your sleep cycle in the right way. Due to the excessive usage of mobile phones, especially social media, we have made our sleeping patterns the worst of all ages.

People are going to the doctor for a professional checkup for back pain and neck pain problems but they dont realize that it is all about getting sleep on the time. Now, this can be different according to your profession and lifestyle, but sleeping at 10 PM can help you in a real sense.

So, next time you waste your time scrolling your Instagram feed, its better to shut your screen and have some sleep time.

Get Your Mindset Ready

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If you want these tips to wake up early to work properly, then you need to have a mindset of waking up early. Without any purpose, you cannot achieve anything. This is why you should always have a strong reason to wake up early in the morning.

For some people, waking up for going to their jobs is the only reason. That is wrong. You are connecting your wake-up timing with the work schedule of your company.

You should wakeup for yourself first. Having a job and a good career is great, but a sound body will always be the basis for your progressive life.

Wake-Up Cycle Trick

Okay, we dont want to sound like some researchers but for you, we have tried to make it simple for you. Our brain develops certain kinds of habits over time. It takes the average estimation of all the activities that we do to form a pattern for our ease.

When you start practicing anything for 3 weeks, the work patterns become natural to you. This is why you should wake up and sleep on fixed timing to maintain your sleep cycle.

When you start waking up early in the morning, your sleep pattern adjusts itself and you can start waking you naturally in the morning. You can use this sleep tracking application to understand your behavior.

Bad Impacts of Caffeine

Woman Drinking Tea by Her Flawless Life

We all know that drinking coffee can boost your productivity levels. It is good to have a cup of coffee during your work hours and there is no side effect if you are not getting addicted to it.

But problems start with intaking it at the wrong times. For people who have night jobs, it is good to have coffee at night. But if you have a day job, and you are sipping your cup from 9 PM to 12 AM to complete that final work before sleeping, then you are doing wrong to your body.

Your brain has a sleeping pattern that gets disturbed by these kinds of energy boosters. As a result, you wont feel sleep coming and the next day is going to full of red eyes and headaches.

Set Multiple Alarms

This might sound silly but it works like magic. Sometimes, you just enjoy late-night Netflix shows with your partner, knowing that you have an urgent meeting in the morning.

With help of setting multiple alarms, you can ensure that you will probably wake at the right time.

You can set 2 to 3 Alarms with 10 minutes of the gap. This ensures if you snooze the alarm, it starts to ring again after 10 minutes.

Suppose, you want to wake up at 7 am, then you can set three alarms like:

  • 6:30 AM
  • 6:45 AM
  • 6:50 AM

So, this will break your sleeping loop slowly and you’ll be in control by the time that you want to wake-up on.

Plan a Morning Routine

Woman Workout at Home by Her Flawless Life

The best part about a morning routine is that it builds positive habits that can help you in transformation into a better one. If you’ve read books like ‘The Power of Habit’ and ‘5 AM Club’, then you will realize how powerful it is to have a set of morning rituals.

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Almost all the successful people on this planet have a set of rules for early morning activities to start their day.

For example, a writer wakes up at 5 am and begins her day by writing 500-1000 words before the family wakes up. A vocalist gargles her throat and practices high tones to warm up her singing skills. This is the time when most of the world is sleeping.

By having a productive morning start, you can spend your day with high energies.

Remember that you need to do this for a few days before it comes naturally to you.


These are some of the tips that you can use in your daily life to maintain a healthy sleep cycle. 

You cannot transform yourself into a self-disciplined ninja overnight and the purpose of this post is to teach you some hacks that you can use regularly to alter your sleeping habits.

When you will do it for 21 days without breaking the loop, your mind and body will adapt to this new change and you’ll see it coming naturally.

Sometimes, you have to act mature and you have to build some rules for yourself. You cannot be harsh on yourself but if you think that waking up early in the morning will help, then having a ground reality check is necessary.

Other than that, change your diet plan. Sometimes, it’s the food that is causing laziness. We hope that this post will wake your motivation and you’ll see tomorrow’s sunrise.

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