16 Lovely Valentine’s Day Nail Designs to Express Love!

Valentine's Day Nail Designs by Her Flawless Life

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What is coming? Valentine’s Day! This is the day when you feel love is in the air and you just want to spend all the time with your life partner. You want to dress beautifully for Valentine’s Day and want to have cute valentine’s day nails. While spending time on valentine’s day is completely your choice, we can help you with Valentine’s Day Nail Designs Ideas to look amazing this year.

Every year, Valentine’s Day comes with a blessing for soulmates and if wearing good-looking nails is what makes you happy, then you should definitely give it a try.

Before you read further, let me share a secret. If you are in a hurry and don’t have time to experiment with nail paints on your nails, then you should definitely try these nail design stickers to get a quick look.

Looking for real nail inspiration? Great, then read further and explore the best Valentine’s nail ideas.

To be frankly said, these nail ideas are collected from Instagram and I’ve credited their owner (Instagram profiles) under every design. If you want to have more design ideas, you are free to jumble to their profile.

Let’s get started…

What will you need for Valentine’s Day Nail Designs?

Valentine's Day Nail Designs Pin by Her Flawless Life

Although every nail design idea is unique here, you need these two things for every nail design. We are not saying that we want you to have longer nails. If you love having short nails and want to try these nail design ideas for short nails, then you are free to do that.

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By focusing on using nail extensions, we want you to blend with the latest fashion trend in the year.

Acrylic Nails or Nail Extensions

Say it Acrylic or Solar Nails, these nail extensions work great for girls who don’t want to maintain and grow long nails. These are ready-made nails that you can wear with help of a long-lasting glue that holds them tight the whole day. You can find these nails on Amazon.

Other than that, you can also go to your nearest beauty parlor to get acrylic nail extensions. While that costs higher than the above nails but you are also getting a touch from a beauty professional, and that makes it a good deal.

Nail Paints & Shades

Now, the length of your nails is fine and it is time to buy some good nail paints for valentine’s day. The theme of Valentine’s day is love. So, we’ll focus on shades of red, pink, and black. You can also find similar nail paint shades along with the photograph (if color is not among the common color).

For your ease, we’ve listed amazon links and you can check the latest prices by clicking the product.

Everything is done and you can see these amazing valentine nail design ideas to surprise your man.

Valentine’s Day Nail Designs in 2021

We have personally selected these Valentine’s Nail Ideas and you’re gonna love them all. These are easy-to-make nail design ideas that you can wear within 20 minutes.

We’ve also included the relevant nail polishes/shades that match best with these designs.

Red Love Doodle Nail Design

Valentine Heart Nail Design by Her Flawless Life
Instagram Credits: lapremierka

Okay, this is our personal favorite. It’s cute and beautiful. You need nail polish shades of red, baby pink, and black.

Apply Red and Baby Pink shades as shown. Use a fine brush or back side of the toothpick with black nail polish to create these shapes. You can also use smudge-proof eyeliner and apply a layer of nail polish shiner to dig deeper into the design.

Let it dry before applying another layer to it. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Brown Hearts Nail Design

Brown Hearts Nail Design by Her Flawless Life
Instagram Credit: frecklepusnails

Wanna spread the warmth of love on this Valentine’s day? Try this nail design and welcome spring season with warm heart vibes. You’ll need glitter nail polish along with brown (or darkest red) shade.

Apply the first coat of layer as normal. Then, make hearts with the other two shades and with two diagonal strokes.

If you want to look cute and an authoritative woman at the same time, then this nail design idea is definitely for you.

Two Nails Heart Design

Glitter Nail Design by Her Flawless Life
Instagram Credit: nailstory_ca

This is something out of this world. While you need an expert to get this design, you can still give it a try at home with these sticky stones. Use nail glue to get the best results.

Apply layers of nail polish first and then fill the empty gap with stones. You can draw your initials or something related to your relationship with white nail polish and let it dry. By the way, you’ll need fake nail extensions from Amazon to achieve this effect.

Love of Red & Golden Nails

Rose Gold Nail Design by Her Flawless Life
Instagram Credits: classyclaws.by.bec

Shower some red and golden hearts on nails and spread happiness this Valentine’s day. You can draw or use heart-shaped nail stickers to achieve this effect.

Use red nail polish with black hearts and gold glitter nail polish with red hearts. It’s a combination that you can try on Christmas too.

Let the nail polish dry before applying the second layer to it. You can use a quick blower to get faster results.

Easy Valentine Nail Idea

Red Simple Heart Nail Art by Her Flawless Life
Instagram Credits: amberjhnails

Easiest Valentine Nail Design Idea on this list. Just get two shades of the same color. Apply these shades as shown in the image.

Let it dry and create hearts over lighter shade with darker nail polish. It’s as easy as one-two-three. What’s the best part about it?

It’s so simple and matches with every dress. And you don’t need to worry about any stones or design stuff. It will last longer than every nail design shown in this list. Give it a try at home.

Cream full Hearts Nail Design

Neon Pink Nail Design by Her Flawless Life
Instagram Credits: beautyunionpl

This is so cute and lovely, isn’t it? Okay, so you need to have a lot of hearts for this. Coat a layer of Pink Nail Polish on your nails. You can also use fake nail extensions or acrylic base nails to get the desired length.

Let it dry and draw hearts with white nail polish and a fine brush. Now, this is what we call a perfect valentine nail idea for this special occasion.

Shades of Hearts Nails Idea

Shades of Red Nail Art by Her Flawless Life
Instagram Credits: beautyby.hq

This is the time when you need to show your shades to your partner. We mean shades of your nail design. Oh god! Limit your imagination, please.

For this design, you need shades of a single color. We find the above color palette to work best for the Valentine theme.

Apply them one by one and create something cute on the nail of your index finger. Here’s a hack.

Use a paper cut out of heart shape. Plan it over your nail tightly and fill the heart hole with nail polish to get the best results. Bingo!

Cute Hearts Nail Design Idea

Cute Nail Heart Design by Her Flawless Life
Instagram Credits: lonelybeautynz

Okay, this is simple. Just pick some really cool shades of nail paints. You can create your own combination. Make hearts with those nail paints and refine it with a black find stroke around it.

To add the cherry on this cake, use a nail polish shiner to get a healthy nail look. And here you go, girl!

Dark Red Hearts Nail Idea

Heart Pink Nail Design by Her Flawless Life
Instagram Credits: hybrid.nails_ola

Valentine is all about the shades of red. You can try this design if you are pairing it with a red or black dress. You don’t need much for applying this nail design. Just a red, pink, and some glitter will work amazing.

Apply Red and Pink nail polish as a base layer. Then sprinkle some glitter on red nail polish and draw hearts with it.

More and more hearts make it adorable. Try this design and get your flawless look instantly.

Neon Pink Fashion Nails Idea

Neon Pink Valentine Nail Idea by Her Flawless Life
Instagram Credits: chelseaoconnor_naileducator

Neon, the trend of the town. Your partner is gonna love this funky nail design. Use this nail paint to get a bright and eye-catching pink shade.

You can create doodle shapes, hearts, and even write ‘love’ or the nickname of your partner on it. It spreads love and happiness in the air. Make your love younger than ever.

Easy Heart Doodle Nail Idea

Simple Valentine Nail Design by Her Flawless Life
Instagram Credits: danielle_nailsdesign

What else is more beautiful than red, white, and black? This is the nail design that matches with most of the dresses. It is easy to make and you can make it with the back of a toothpick.

Apply the red and white coat on your fingers nail. And use black nail paint with a fine brush or back of the toothpick to create a heart over it.

You can also try it with Pale and Red color as below.

Heart in the Center Nail Idea

Cream Heart Valentine Nail Design by Her Flawless Life
Instagram Credits: muberyasaglamnailart

Another simple nail design that you can make by yourself at home. Pick two shades of nail polish. Make sure both the shades are contrasting and complementing each other.

Apply a coat of lighter shade and let it dry completely. Once it dries fully, use a thin nail brush and join two diagonal strokes to make a heart shape. Practice it on paper before applying it to your nail.

Love Design Pattern Nail Idea

Valentine Nail Design Pattern by Her Flawless Life
Instagram Credits: thehotblend

Let’s make this Valentine Nail Design into a freestyle art! You are free to play with shapes and patterns here. Pick 3-4 contrasting shades of nail polish. Make hearts, dots, grids, strokes, stars, or whatever you can make.

Make sure you give a new design to every fingernail. You can copy this design in reverse order on your other hand. It looks easy but makes sure you wait and let the first layer dry before applying another one.

Simple Heart Nail Design Idea

Black Simple Nail Design by Her Flawless Life
Instagram Credits: ds.nails.factory

Not a fan of fancy nail designs? This is definitely for you in this case. All you need is a lighter pink nail paint shade and black nail polish.

Apply a nail polish coat of pink shade and then apply black nail polish on the white surface of your nails. You can add hearts or custom shapes in the middle to make it look attractive.

It’s simple and cute!

Red Hearts Raining Nail Idea

Red Heart Nail Design by Her Flawless Life
Instagram Credits: lovenda_beauty

Wearing pure red on your nails can never be this romantic. This nail design is simple to make. Do the easy part by polishing it with Red-colored nail paint. Easy Peasy!

After the red coating, coat the rest of the nails with a lighter shade of pink. You can also use transparent shiner with red hearts. To make hearts, you can use a thin brush or you can make a dot with a normal nail brush and extend it with the backside of a toothpick. That always works.

Pink Flower Nail Design Idea

Pink Flower Nail Design by Her Flawless Life
Instagram Credits: johnny_duong1711

Girls are elegant and if you want to show your real beauty, then you should definitely try this pink flower design on your nails. You will need those fake nails to create a fading effect.

Once you apply the nail paint, you can paste nail stickers over it. Make sure you leave to dry. Stickers will lose their grip on wet nail paint. You can add a layer of nail polish shiner to blend stickers deeply.

Try it today and surprise your partner with a different look.

Final Thoughts

These are the best picks for nail design ideas for love and romance based themes. If you think that some more designs deserve to be on this list, then feel free to comment below.

While it’s just a celebration for one week, you should always feel special in love. So, if you want to wear these nail designs without valentine’s week going around, you must give it a try.

We hope that you liked this post. Pin your favorite image and do follow us on Pinterest for amazing content like this. Keep coming back to reading great stuff, buh bye.

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