Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him in 2021 (From a Guy!)

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him by Her Flawless Life

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The season of love is coming and every girl is planning to buy a gift for her partner. No matter if you are in a relationship with your boyfriend or you are married, giving gifts on Valentine’s Day is a good way to express your love to your partner.

In this post, we have covered the best Valentine’s day gift ideas for him to show your love. Deciding on a gift can look like an easy task. And if you are struggling with deciding what to give to your partner, then don’t worry. We have made a list of the best Valentine gift ideas for him in 2021.

Before you go further, this article is written by my partner, Rajan Arora. This is intended to find best gift ideas from a guy’s perspective.

Most of the gifts on this list are from Amazon. We have done this for the purpose to make it an easy buy for you.

Is it necessary to Gift on Valentine’s Day?

This is a complicated question that you must know before deciding on a gift. For some people, the tradition of gifting is normal and equally expected by both partners.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Him Pin by Her Flawless Life

And for some people, giving support in their bad times is considered more valuable than any materialistic thing. The best and most useful gift that you can give to your partner is giving them what they need the most.

This seems to be complicated but it is true. For example, your partner is trying to work from home and he needs a particular tool to work efficiently. This is the opportunity that you can utilize to give a gift that will support your partner in a real way.

For this reason, we have divided this post into categories where you will find the best suitable gift according to the situation and preferences of your soulmate.

Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Working Men!

Working Couple by Her Flawless Life

As the whole world is working from home due to a pandemic in 2020, there are chances that your partner is also struggling with a keyboard and a monitor screen from a corner of his house.

This section is for those who have a workaholic partner and want to support them in their professional life.

Let’s begin…

Bluetooth Keyboard

This has to be number one on our list. Everybody is struggling with the computer system and laptop. This can lead to discomfort conditions. This is why a Bluetooth keyboard is one of the best Valentine’s day gifts this year.

For this category, we have selected Logitech K480. This is a Bluetooth keyboard from Logitech and it has the capability of connecting simultaneously with three Bluetooth devices at the same time.

One of the cool looking features of this keyboard is an iPad or smartphone pleasing dock. It is made up of rubber and grips a device steadily.

This can be the best gift that will provide comfort and improve work efficiency for your partner.

Notepad or Ideas Journal

The idea of giving a notepad or journal is to help him organize the workload in an efficient manner.

You can also gift him a premium subscription of the project management software like ClickUp to manage the task among his team professionally.

This is going to be super helpful for him to manage his tasks and he will remember you every time when he will open the project management software.

Study Lamp

Woman Study Lamp by Her Flawless Life

Workload never comes by watching what time it is and you have no option other than meeting the deadlines. That’s when a study lamp comes into the role.

Just because of our work, we can not disturb our roommate or family members by switching on the lights the whole night. You need light on your working desk and a good study lamp will do the work.

For this purpose, we recommend the TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp (amazon link). This is light temperature variations and an adjustable rotation body. That’s the best in the market.

Neck Pillow

Working 7 to 8 hours on a computer can exhaust anybody. This is why a neck pillow can help you in getting comfort while relaxing your body. Neck ache problems can be an obstacle in the work process.

This can be a great gift on a budget to make him happy whenever he’s doing overtime in front of those pixels.

Travel Laptop Backpack

A travel laptop backpack is always recommended to give to your partner. This comes in handy and you can also decorate it with customized stitching to make it a personalized gift.

This backpack has all the features that a man wants. Go with it, he’s gonna love it.

Smart Bulb

Woman Bulb Light by Her Flawless Life

Who doesn’t love a gadget when it is also useful in your work? Smart Bulbs are useful in many aspects. You can change the color of light, set it automatic on and off, and you can also sync it with a voice assistant like Alexa.

This can be a great gift to set the theme of your man’s room according to the occasions.

Smartphone Holder

A smartphone holder, dock or stand, etc is very useful when your partner needs to work on a computer and mobile at the same time. Maybe he needs to do a zoom meeting along with working on the computer?

This is why a smartphone holder can bring ease of comfort in his workspace setup.

Gift Ideas for Fashionable Men!

Fashion Couple by Her Flawless Life

So, this is the section for girls who have a partner with true fashion sense. Unlike others, your guy is up to date with the latest fashion style and he’s passionate about getting different looks all the time.

If that’s the true case here, then this section of Valentine’s Day Fashion Gift Ideas for Him is going to be a goldmine for you.

Watches (and more watches)

A watch can be considered as a boy’s crush. Believe me or not but every man has a special love space for that time telling machine on their wrist.

Men are logical and they have a habit of tracking time all the time. So, gifting your partner a watch can be a great idea. Now, on watches, we do have two variations.

First, you can give him a traditional watch from a reputed brand. That would be a classic gift.

Or second, you can go with modern gadgets, and give him a smartwatch that he can sync with his phone.

It completely depends upon you man. If he’s a tech guy, he will love a smartwatch. If he’s into fashion and stuff, give him a classic analog that goes right with the blazer.

Facial Kit for Men

Let’s break the stereotype gift your man a facial Kit this Valentine. This will be fun for him as well as healthy for his body.

Men are like kids and they expect the love of a mother from their partner. You can show him how much you care about his looks and skin health by gifting him a facial kit.


Sneakers Woman by Her Flawless Life

Sneakers are the must-have shoes that every boy must have in his wardrobe. On this Valentine’s day, you can gift him a good pair of sneakers (or any sort of shoes if you want).

This will impress him and he’ll remember your gift with every step that he’ll walk. This is a perfect way to show your love.

And don’t forget to get his shoe size. That’s a must if you are planning on buying a pair of shoes for him.


Wallets are like a tool for boys. Men have a special place for premium wallets in their hearts. So, gifting one would be a great idea.

A wallet from a reputed brand can become your perfect valentine’s day gift this year. You can also choose a cardholder instead of a wallet. But you know what? Wallets are always a trademark for gentlemen and you must set the standards high.


Trimmers are always useful and your man will love to have them. A trimmer or any kind of beard maintenance tool is always a favorite gadget for men and you can gift him one to show how much you care about his personal needs.

And to be honest, there are several brands who are claiming to sell the best trimmers but you cannot go with everybody. This is why we recommend a trusted brand like Philips or Wahl to get the best value for money product.

Perfume or Deodorant

Perfume Girl by Her Flawless Life

This is it. Giving him the best smelling perfume or Deodorant can be a great gift on a budget. You can go to your nearest perfume shop and choose a fragrance that suits your man.

For your ease, we’ve attached a brilliant perfume from Nautica. This has a refreshing fragrance that will make him look appealing all day.

Black T-Shirt (V Neck)

This is one piece of cloth that every man must-have. If yours don’t have it then this is the time when you take responsibility for his fashion sense.

V Neck black t-shirts are so useful that your man can match them with almost all clothes. Gift him one and make him feel super special this valentine’s day.

Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Men with Hobbies!

Funny Couple by Her Flawless Life

This is the section for men who have hobbies and they are active in every aspect of their life. They love to enjoy every sport and every moment.

If your life partner is just like this, these gift ideas can be considered as the best choice for this Valentine.

And here we go…


With the increase in fans of Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo, the numbers of football (soccer) fans are increasing day by day. You can get it out of his mouth if he likes football or any other game.

Then you can buy that particular sports equipment for him. In the case of football, we highly recommend Adidas MLS Club Ball that costs around $15 on Amazon.

Apart from this, you can also check American Football Amazon Page from this link.

Indoor Games

Not an out junkie? No worries, you can give him indoor games. You can give him card games like UNO or Cards Against Humanity (our favorite). Or you can expand your budget and gift him a Portable Table Tennis Pack or Darts.

There are endless options that can be checked on this Amazon Page. Feel free to explore and decide on a game that you both can play to create wonderful memories.


Couple Books Hug by Her Flawless Life

Nowadays, the concept of self-development and entrepreneurship is taking place everywhere. If your partner is making efforts to do something on his own in his professional life, then you can give him books. These books are helpful in guiding him in a positive direction.

Here are some books that you can buy for him:

These books are going to help him in every aspect. Buy some and help him build his Life.

Video Games

Couple Video Games by Her Flawless Life

I’ve to be transparent here. No matter how old your guy is, I repeat, how old your guy is, he will always have some time to play video games.

Video games help us to become accurate and good decision-makers in life. This is why this is the best time to give him a video game that he will love to have.

If your budget is somewhere around $500, then you can gift him PlayStation 4. Other than that, if he’s a PC gamer, you can gift him a steam gift card to buy any game of his choice.

Good luck!

Speaker or Music System

Music is life. Every guy loves it and you can gift him a music system or Bluetooth speaker that he can use to play his favorite beats.

For wired music systems, we recommend Philips FX10 and for Bluetooth Speaker, we recommend JBL Flip 4.

These are best for their price and you’ll love them.

Amazon Echo

Technology is everywhere. Artificial intelligence is taking place and smart assistants like Alexa and Siri are becoming so handy these days. This is the time when your guy needs a futuristic update in his room.

The Amazon Echo comes with a budget of $40 only and you get 4th generation Alexa Echo Dot that will bring colors to your life. These gadgets are becoming a trend and you can get simple tasks like turning on and off the lights, setting smart alarms and reminders, playing games with an assistant, listening to news and music, etc. much easily.

This is a gift on this list that nobody can resist having in his house. Buy one for him now!

Portable Campfire

For men with a love for camping and hunting, a portable Campfire will be the best option to pump up their hardcore jungle skills.

These portable fire pits are handy and you can use a travel bag to carry them easily. You man will love it as he can enjoy his evening in the backyard, eating peanuts alongside the campfire pit that you will gift him.

So, don’t think much. He’ll love it.

Fitness Band

Couple Fitness by Her Flawless Life

Not every guy likes traditional watches, but no man can resist a fitness band. These smart fitness bands are so useful in daily life.

As people are becoming more conscious of their health, this is a perfect moment for giving someone a fitness band. There are many options available from Xiaomi to Fitbit.

You can go with the latest Mi Band 5 or Realme watch if you are on a budget. If you can expand your budget from $100 to $150, then you can go with Fitbit Versa 2 or Garmin Instinct. These fitness trackers come with the latest technology and are highly suitable for fitness freaks.

Dumbbells Set

Does he love to pump his muscles the whole day? For any fitness freak, home gym equipment is classified into essential home items.

Some guys like to work out in privacy. They need their personal space for focusing on their muscles and building them. We are sure that these types of men love to have their own Dumbbells set at home.

Funny T-Shirts

Men are full of a sense of humor and they never leave an opportunity to crack their silly jokes. If your guy is just like this, giving him a funny t-shirt can be the best idea.

Get funny T-Shirts on Amazon.

The above link will direct you to the funny t-shirt section on Amazon. You can choose the perfect t-shirt and give it to your man. It will be a perfect moment for you two to laugh together.

Mini Projector

Film Popcorn by Her Flawless Life

Okay, let’s imagine. He’s a great media consumer and his favorite baseball team is having its match in a few days. He invited you and other friends to watch that match.

And boom… it’s on the projector that you gifted him. He’ll be so happy to show it off to his friends.

A mini projector is portable and handy. It gets the job done. Get one for him.

Netflix or Amazon Prime

Netflix and Amazon are competing for head to head for bringing the best video content for viewers. If your man is a binge-watcher then this is the best gift that you can give him.

Get him a subscription to Netflix or Amazon Prime for a year and he’ll remember you whenever he’ll be enjoying a show on your gifted subscription.

You can also spend your time together watching those shows the whole year. It sounds so adorable. We think, no matter if it’s Valentine’s day or not, you should gift this to him anytime.

Dinner Date

Dinner Date Couple by Her Flawless Life

As simple as a Dinner date can help you set the mood. Take him to a late-night movie show, or arrange a movie screening with only two of you at some private place.

Hold his hands and enjoy popcorn together. This is all about creating valentine’s day memories.

There are many ways to arrange this date. You can go for a movie, dinner, or a family gathering if you both are emotionally attached to your families, and much more.

In the end, only emotions are what we count. So, live every emotion with him.

Final Thoughts

The gift ideas are unlimited and now it’s on you. And it doesn’t really matter if you choose a budget gift or an expensive one. The feelings are what matter the most.

Pour your heart with the gift and show him what you feel for him. Valentine’s Day Gifts for Boys post ends here and I hope this post has helped you by giving any sort of inspiration.

Feel free to share it with your friends and help them decide the valentine’s gift for their partner. Follow us on Pinterest for the latest updates. Keep coming back to read more such content, buh bye.

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