8 Useful Tips for Summer Sun Tanning in 2021 (Protect Your Skin!)

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Summer vacations are coming and this is the time when you need to think about looking beautiful in every aspect. This is the time when you wear cute clothes and expose your skin to the sun.

This is why sun tanning is a common issue among all the girls in the summer season. This is the time when days are hottest and your body is hit by another solar flare that makes it look darker. Sun Tanning is not limited to the change of skin tones but can also relate to other skin-related issues, especially skin itching.

In this post, you will learn about 8 Useful Tips for Summer Sun Tanning in 2021 that you can use to avoid getting darker this summer.

These tips are helpful only when you perform all of these altogether.

And here we go…

8 Best Tips for Sun Tanning Protection

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This post has been made with help of a dermatologist and you can rely on these tips without worrying about consequences. But, we highly recommend you to visit a skin professional, in case your skin is too sensitive.

Let’s begin…

Use Accessories as Shades

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This is pretty simple and we will start this post with some easy tips like this one. You need to have some really sassy-looking summer hats to provide enough shade to your face. Your face is the first place where people see and you have to protect its natural skin tone in order to maintain your beautiful looks.

Apart from these round summer hats, you can also carry some classy eyeshades to protect the sensitive skin around your eyes. The more you cover your skin, the better it will work for you to survive the summer season without getting skin tanned.

Apply The Right Sunscreen

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Companies are selling anything for the sake of money and profits, and this is your role to identify the best and worth beauty products. This is why you should always look for quality sunscreen.

You can apply sunscreen on your face and body before going out in the sun. Sunscreens are essential nowadays and you should not think twice before investing in a sunscreen cream from a reputed brand.

Walk in the Shadows

Remember those days when we were coming back home after a tiring school session and playing the shadow walking game. This is the time when you need to master the same game for the sake of your adulthood.

This is the season when days are hottest and you need to protect your skin from harmful sun rays that are going to penetrate through the toughest skins.

So, remember this one point. Whenever you are walking down a street, follow a path created by shadows. This will help your skin and will also protect you from dehydrating often due to water loss under direct sunlight.

Consume Beta Carotene

Carrot Juice by Her Flawless Life

When elders say that our beauty always lies in what we eat, they are 100% right. It is a fact that we become what we eat. If you are taking care of your diet in a good way then you can expect healthy levels of the skin and your overall body.

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Coming to the point of consuming Beta-Carotene through your diet, you will get amazed to see the results. Beta-carotene is an important nutrient that helps is the growth of skin cells. You can find this substance in easy to available foods like carrots, sweet potatoes, and spinach.

Just change your diet, add some fruits and see bright and reddish skin tone within a month.

Exfoliate Your Skin

Exfoliation Brush by Her Flawless Life

If you want to make your skin healthy and beautiful with a natural method that is highly popularized by ancient Ayurveda, then Exfoliating your skin is going to be the best decision for your skincare routine.

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This kind of stimulation of your skin cells with help of the tentacles of a soft brush can help your skin cells to get proper blood flow. This will help in bringing all the required nutrients to the uppermost layer of your skin.

As a result, you will feel energetic and refreshing throughout the day.

Apply Turmeric Paste for Tanning

Turmeric Powder by Her Flawless Life

In Indian weddings, there is a ritual of applying turmeric paste as a manner to make the bride and groom beautiful. Turmeric is used as a worthy skin ingredient that kills all the bacteria, removes all the dead skin cells, and helps in opening the pores of your skin.

It is also proven that turmeric can bring bright shades of skin when used on a regular basis. This is why you should consider adding this kitchen ingredient into your beauty and skincare routine to get rid of skin tanning without compromising with harmful chemical-based products.

Multani Mitti Bath (Fuller’s Earth)

Multani Mitti by Her Flawless Life

Fuller’s Earth or the traditional Multani Mitti is treated as a solid remedy for skin tanning in ancient Ayurvedic science of India.

This clay has antioxidant and rejuvenating properties that help you to get rid of your dead skin cells as well as removing the layer of skin tanning naturally.

You can make a paste of this clay by adding the Fuller’s Earth powder with an appropriate amount of water in a bowl. Gently apply it to your skin, let it dry naturally and rinse it with cold water.

You can perform this activity thrice a week to get the best results.

Avoid Pools

Woman Swimming Pool by Her Flawle

Yes! You have read it right. Enjoying baths in cold pool water in summer is like a trip to heaven but this can lead to forcing skin tanning on your body. Well, if you listen to the experts, then you will come to know about the side effects of open water pools on skin tanning.

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These open pools contain chlorine salts that act as a catalyst for sunrays to boost the tanning process on your skin. You have heard about swimming tanning. This is not a myth and you will find yourself with a darker skin tone if you don’t follow this advice.

As an alternative, you can take bath in your personalized backyard pool by filling it with just water. No added chemicals or any kind of freshening ingredients.

Final Thoughts on Skin Sun Tan

Ah! You’ve made it to the final of this post. Looks like you are really worried about the consequences of sun tanning this summer. Don’t worry much as you can get rid of that tanning with help of a well-performed de-tanning procedure.

You can also use Rosewater (Amazon link) to get soothing results.

That’s it for this post. We hope that you will get some help from this post and if you really do, feel free to share it with your friends and family to help them too.
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