9 Summer Outfits Trends that are Hot and Trending on Insta!

Summer Outfits Trends by Her Flawless Life

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What’s the best part about summer? You got to wear crazy cute clothes. Now, if you are looking for the latest summer outfits trends this year, then you’ve come to the right place.

In this post, we will talk about 9 of the top summer outfit trends that you should try this summer. These outfits are for everybody, no matter your skin tone or body type, you’ll feel extremely beautiful looking at yourself in the mirror every morning.

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Let’s begin with the summer outfits trends without wasting any time…

Summer Outfits Trends that set Fire

Summer Outfit Trends by Her Flawless Life

And here we come to see the latest summer fashion trends among girls on Instagram. But… take our unbiased advice before reading further.

Don’t limit your fashion sense within these trends. These are here for your reference. Just remember, every fashion trend was once an experiment.

Stripe Tops

Stripe Top by Her Flawless Life

Stripes T-shirt is becoming a new fashion trend in the town. Girls are setting new benchmarks by combining these simple pattern design with light bottom wear to showcase their own level of minimalism.

This can be your good to go outfit style for office or shopping. Wear it, join the stripes fan-club.

Spaghetti and Formal Shorts

Spaghettis Top by Her Flawless Life

Is it too hot out there? Well, then you should compete with the temperature. Using just a plain black or blue spaghetti and a formal shorts, you can achieve this sassy look on the go.

Just look at the image, you can look great even in the slippers. I think your next visit to the beach can have this beautiful summer outfit attire.

Light Top with Grunge Denim

Light Top Denim by Her Flawless Life

One of the best among the best summer outfits trends on Instagram is to wear light colors with grunge denim pants. See, wear a light colored top or shirt has two benefits in summer. First, it doesn’t absorb heat like black or other dark colors.

Second, bright images tend to get more likes on social media platforms. This is why your light color summer outfit can add something to trend charts of Instagram.

Stripe Long Shrugs

Stripe Long Shrug by Her Flawless Life

What’s better than a stripe top? It’s striped long shrug!

These cotton fabric shrugs are good to get air in hot days. You can pair it spaghetti tops, tees, or with a crop top. Wear it with denim and get a side sling bag. Perfect look for your next Instagram photo.

Khaki Shorts

Khaki Shorts by Her Flawless Life

Khaki shorts are getting a lot of trends as nude colors are getting more and more popular these days. Just scroll your Instagram feed, and you will find someone wearing khaki colored shorts in a sunny day.

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This is a color that compliments average skin tones and your wardrobe deserve this summer outfit trends item.

Khaki Shirts

Khaki shirt by Her Flawless Life

Remember all those female protagonists in Hollywood movies who go for an adventure in the wilds? What’s common in all of them? Yes, it’s the Khaki shirt that they all wear.

This camouflaged friendly color is loved by girls on Instagram. You can pair it with white and blue pants easily. If you have a fair skin tone (not being racist, just a logical color contrast advice), then you can also pair it with black jeans.

It’s a must on this list of summer outfits trends.

Lose Hair and Caps

Caps in Summer by Her Flawless Life

You will find it strange but in recent years, caps are becoming a must-have accessory in a girl’s wardrobe. Caps make you look cool and you can pair a solid colored cap with a lot of outfits.

It will protect you from heat and wearing it with lose hair is what makes you trend of the town.

Black Dress (Evergreen)

Black Dress by Her Flawless Life

There is no reason to hate black! Some people will say that black absorb heat, they can’t wear it, blah blah. We totally get it.


You cannot deny the fact that black is an evergreen color and suits all skin tones. So, have your sunscreen ready and wear a black dress that gives you bold and hot looks. Pair it with red or black heels and you’re Instagram ready.

Balloon Jeans

Balloon Jeans by Her Flawless Life

Isn’t it strange that a trend which was set by Disney with their animated series Aladdin will become top most hashtag on Instagram? Balloon Jeans are becoming trending there days.

Pair your balloon jeans with a white top, and you are ready to give some the most viral posts. Now, here’s a catch. These balloon denim jeans look great but only if the color is light. So, don’t buy dark shade of blue, otherwise it will become a wardrobe disaster.

Final Thoughts on Summer Outfits Trends

Summer Outfits are the soul of fashion under the bright sun in the summer. For all the clothing lovers, the time has come when you can click photographs in your favorite pose and increase the temperature of your Instagram profile.

Again, these are not the only trends that are getting a lot of hearts on Instagram. You will find a lot of things apart from these.

We hope that this post will give you some inspiration for your next purchase. Follow us on Pinterest to get the latest updates.

Keep coming back to read more great content, buh bye.

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