10 Stress Killing Habits that help before it Kills You Badly!

Stress Killing Habits by Her Flawless Life

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Coping with emergencies at work or in personal life may sound very irritating and exhausting. That’s the reality!

We all must know how one can relieve stress naturally and calm down usually by adapting these Stress Killing Habits in daily life so that these small, on a regular basis, troubles dont pile up and develop into a precise risk to our bodily and psychological well being in the long term. Because that can cost you a lot.

Let’s face it. Taking stress as a working woman can be really burdensome for you and your family. We all starve for happiness and stress or say, the workload can make it impossible to feel happy at all.

And stress has many negative effects on your life. The first target of stress is your overall health and immune system.

And not only this, it can lead to other symptoms like:

  • Anxiety
  • Public Fear
  • Headache
  • Insomnia
  • Acne
  • Obesity

In short, we need to kick this bad fellow.

I do know for me when my surroundings get annoying, I get headache and detachment, fairly often a fever, cant sleep regardless that Im drained, and simply cant eat anything at all.

Stress Killing Habits Pin by Her Flawless Life

Discovering easy methods to take care of stress at any given second has been very important as I don’t want to lose my productive side. I discovered so much from folks at work and in my personal life, who are so rigid that they never get stressed out or exhaust from the happenings around them.

They always walk as if they are playing a game.

So, I’ve decided to share the 10 Stress-Busting Habits that I’ve developed over time to feel happier than ever. With these methods, I can complete my work before deadlines without giving myself a hard time to cry for.

Let’s dive into it

Learn To Accept Reality

Stress Woman by Her Flawless Life

This is the number one factor that you feel failure most of the time. The problem with today’s generation is that we all are starving for something exceptional. We all are starving for six-figure income, branded cars, overpriced clothes, 32 million followers on Instagram, etc.

And when we do not get it, we feel like we have failed 100 times a day. To be happy, you have to accept your reality. Your reality is that you are alive and you are in charge of your own life. If you want something, then you can get it. But dreaming all day and doing nothing can be useless in all the terms.

Without accepting your reality, you cannot plan for your future. In short, no growth.

Plan the Right Plans

After you have a plan, you already know the place youre headed and what the subsequent step is. It helps reduce the stress and nervousness that include uncertainty.

While you make that plan, needless to say, life does whatever it needs and it’s good to regulate as you progress ahead.

My mentor once said to me that when you throw a brick to a wall, it breaks into pieces but when you use the same brick in the wall, it breaks things. Be flexible enough to get support from your surroundings.

So, be good to yourself and permit yourself some flexibility in your plan. You dont need to find yourself consistently blaming yourself for not sticking precisely to what youve deliberate as a result of different issues come up.

In simple words, make plans that change with your conditions but your goals should be the same.

Clear Motive & Result

Most people fail to achieve their goals because they do not set them with a clear motive.

If you don’t know about the details of what you want to achieve in your life, then you will face back and forth, changing and rescheduling your goals, without progressing towards them.

We always recommend you to plan your goals with the SMART approach.

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time-Based

With these factors, you can make your goals strong enough to motivate you all the time.

Stress Killing Music

Woman Dance Happy by Her Flawless Life

Who doesn’t love music? It is scientifically proven that when you feel low you should always listen to good music. For entertainment?

No. Actually listening to high beat music helps in releasing the happy hormones in your body. And there is no side effect at all unless you don’t know how to dance and someone records your video.

So, when in stress, plug your favorite playlist and rock your room with high volume. Get your best moves on the floor and show some talent to your dressing mirror.

Leave the Digital

If you are living in the 21st century, then you are already occupied with technology around you, claiming to make your life easier by handling every single task that you want to do in your life.

Why these innovations help us to make our life easier, it also adds up additional stress to the human body. So, it is best practice to get rid of all the digital stuff around you for a while when you feel overburden with your workload and stress.

What we are suggesting is, just go for a walk, do your things in a traditional way, have some family time, etc.

In simple words, sometimes you need to establish a human connection in order to get yourself refresh and prepare for completing the rest of the tasks.

Game or Exercise

Skateboard Woman Happy by Her Flawless Life

As we mentioned earlier, due to the advancement in technology in our life, we are becoming lazy day by day.

And you definitely need to move your body around some physical activity. It will help you to stay focused and fit for living a healthy life in order to achieve your dreams.

You can get a gym subscription, start a yoga workout at home, practice badminton in your backyard, or have a habit of jogging.

It all depends on your choice, always say is change your surroundings to change the thinking pattern of your mind.

Affirmations & Self-Love

If you haven’t heard about the law of attraction, then you should definitely study the concept of success and happiness that it brings with consistent practice.

Your favorite celebrity is already practicing the law of attraction and affirmations in order to get what they want from the universe.

Just look at the video below.

The practical part is, have some affirmations that you want for yourself and your family. Whenever you feel demotivated by all stress in your life, have positive self-talk about these affirmations.

You can also add this habit of affirmations in your morning routine to start your day with positivity.

Eat Something Healthy

Woman Holding Diet Plate by Her Flawless Life

Stress can exhaust the physiques reserves for a lot of nutritional vitamins and minerals. Due to this fact it becomes really important for us to eat a lot of healthy food that is good for our health and skin to reduce the effects of stress.

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Consuming extra vegetables and fruits will provide your physique with important nutritional vitamins like vitamin C, which in response to this text in Psychology right now is a crucial nutrient for stress administration. Consuming pure and healthy food is a self-care behavior, its a type of self-respect.

Once you make the acutely aware alternative that you just wish to eat good and nutritional, youre telling yourself: I love myself and I will give what my body deserves.

Find a Hobby

This is one of the most common reasons why I feel happy all the time. And I am really serious about it.

Come on, you have to find a hobby. it is always preferable to have a hobby or a Side Hustle that keeps you busy all day. It can be anything from learning how to cook good food to decorating your room for the next festive season.

Hobbies are the small goals that keep us busy from all the workload and stress that we get from our daily life.

You can always stumble upon sites like skillshare to learn new things. By the way, here are the hobbies that every woman should follow to have a productive and prosperous life:

  • Reading good books.
  • Following a morning routine.
  • Setting goals for the next day before going to sleep.
  • Following a self-care routine.
  • Learning a new skill every three months.

For you, it can be different but develop, at least, one hobby that keeps you diverted from being unproductive.

Nothing is Permanent

Woman Morning Walk with Dog by Her Flawless Life

Are you permanent? No.

Then how can your worries or workload be? Just think it yourself. What happened exactly 326 hours ago? Can you remember?

The problem with our thinking pattern is that we see our problems as everlasting. While a problem barely lasts 3 days in mind, we make it bigger and bigger by ourselves.

You cannot predict the future and you don’t need to take the stress of what if what that kind of thoughts. This is the habit that I learned while fighting with my own thoughts. And in the end, it feels like every worry or fear was a waste of time and emotions as they didn’t add much to the solution.

You’ve to train your brain that time comes and goes. It’s the nature of our life. That doesn’t mean everything is over.

And mark my words, Stress can give you emotional shivers but will never ever solve a problem for you.

Final Thoughts on Stress Killing Habits

It is a well-known fact that 90% of our problems are just the thoughts that we create ourselves. There can be a hundred reasons for giving up, but you have to find one reason to kill all the excuses and complete your task.

It is in human nature that we cannot remain constant emotionally and when you get low on some days, just play good music and keep yourself busy from all that negativity.

In a study, researchers found that the biggest reason for stress in today’s generation is an inappropriate eating habit. We are surrounded by a couple of food chains, it is always recommended to maintain your health by eating the food that is good for your body.

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