10 Skincare Mistakes that You’re Doing Everyday! (with Solutions)

Skincare Mistakes by Her Flawless Life

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Every girl wants to have flawless and glowing skin. If you are dreaming of getting celebrity-like skin, then you have come to the right place.

Sometimes, correcting some skincare mistakes can help you to get your dream skin within a few weeks.

In this post, we will discover 10 skincare mistakes that you are doing on a regular basis.

Without wasting any further time, let’s get started…

10 Skin Care Mistakes to Stop Right Now

Skincare Mistakes Pin by Her Flawless Life

Let’s see 10 of the most common skincare mistakes that you are doing on a regular basis. We encourage you to get rid of these as soon as possible.

And here we go…

Not Drinking Enough Water

Water Drinking Woman by Her Flawless Life

People are investing in fitness trackers for tracking their water intake. If you look at the recent stats, our generation has a complicated relationship with water.

Drinking appropriate water in a day can solve many beauty and skin-care-related problems in a few weeks.

Water helps in regulating body temperatures and maintaining a steady metabolism level.

We recommend you use a water tracking app to calculate and log your water intake. Along with these, you can also use this tracking water bottle from Amazon.

Drink water and give your skin refreshments every day.

Becoming a Couch Potato

Woman Phone on Bed by Her Flawless Life

A lot of girls still don’t know that engaging in physical activities is directly related to their looks and beauty. For an easy understanding, let’s understand it with an example.

Suppose, you are becoming a couch potato day by day. You are waking up, sitting all day, and then back to sleep. In this case, your body is not releasing enough sweat to bring out harmful toxins through your sweat pores.

Another thing, not doing any physical activity can make you look lanky and you will get toned skin. Meanwhile, girls who are doing some sort of workout every day will get perfect jawline and tight skin.

So, as a solution to this, you can start doing workouts. You can follow this infographic if you are completely new to these kinds of physical activities.

Home Workout Routine by Her Flawless Life

Or you can use Jillian Michaels (AndroidIOS) to see 100% Body Transformational Results at home. With Fitonomy, you can have a professional workout plan on your mobile in seconds.

Imbalanced Diet

Woman on Diet by Her Flawless Life

The sad part about a balanced diet is that people give up on it very easily. you have already studied the positive impact of a balanced diet on your life.

But you will always feel a craving for junk food and similar eatables.

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Your body is a system that works on various kinds of nutrients. These nutrients consist of vitamins and minerals that play an essential part in regulating your body.

Eating good fruits, green vegetables, pulses, and whole grains can help you in treating your metabolism levels and establishing a great connection between your inner and outer beauty.

Always remember that diet is responsible for 60-80% of your health status. So, eat wisely.

Changing Makeup Frequently

Christmas Fashion by Her Flawless Life

If you want to solve more than 90% of skin-related problems, then stop using any other product on your skin.

These beauty products contain chemical formulas that can damage your skin in a long run. Cheap makeup products contain dangerous chemicals that can provide your desired look by sacrificing the healthy levels of your natural skin.

Our first suggestion is to use makeup products from premium brands to get rid of any kind of harmful chemicals.

Again, chemicals are chemicals. As an alternative, you can shift onto herbal range products.

But… The ultimate solution to get rid of any kind of itching or skin problem get natural remedies for your face and skin.

For the makeup, texture product on a small area of your skin and use it if you are hundred percent satisfied with the results.

Overexposure to Sun

Woman Swimming Pool by Her Flawle

It’s a good thing to sit under the sun, filling your Vitamin D, but overexposing your skin to the sun can be dangerous for your overall health.

Over exposing your skin to heat can lead to complicated skin issues like sunburn, tanning and uneven patches.

So, you should always plan your day according to the temperature and requirements of your body. If you want to relax for more than sufficient time under the sun, then use an umbrella or some kind of shade.

Exposure to Pollutants

Woman Pollution by Her Flawless Life

If you visit the air index site to check the quality around you, chances are you will get a heart attack to see how harmful your surroundings have become.

In some locations around the globe, the air levels have become so dangerous that you cannot travel without a protective mask.

This is why you should develop a habit to protect your skin and lungs from air pollution. We always recommend you to cover your face with a cotton cloth in case of growing through polluted areas.

Whenever you come home, wash your face to get rid of any kind of pollution agents from your face. you cannot have full control over the pollution around you, but you can take care of yourself by protecting your skin.

Touch Face Repeatedly

Woman Gym Face Towel by Her Flawless Life

Some girls have a bad habit of touching their face again and again. If you observe closely, most of the time it is a gesture of tucking your hair behind your ears that follows frequent face touches.

Your fingers are exposed to a lot of things in a day. This is why your fingers and hands carry a lot of pollutant particles and unwanted agents.

Touching your face, again and again, can transfer those pollutant particles from your fingertips to your face.

So, you should always avoid touching your face in order to protect it.


Milk Bathing Woman by Her Flawless Life

There is a misconception about moisturizing in summers for oily skin. Even if you have oily skin, you need to keep it moisturized.

A hydrated skin is considered healthy. And speaking about winters, you forget to moisturize your skin. Due to bad drinking habits, your skin doesn’t get enough water.

In order to fill this gap, using a suitable moisturizer can help a lot.

Sunscreen Lacking Skin

Sunscreen contains skin friendly elements and a formula it helps in protecting your skin from harmful UV rays. These UV rays can lead to many kinds of king complications like pigmentation, redness, itching, etc.

The SPF formula of sunscreen can help you from all of these skin issues.

Now you know how useful a sunscreen can be.

Not Following a Face Care Routine

Woman with Face Mask by Her Flawless Life

Just like a complete diet plan for your body, your face needs a routine where you clean and moisturize your face. You can have the following products for your face care routine:

  • Face Wash (daily)
  • Face Toner (daily)
  • Moisturizer (daily)
  • Sunscreen (daily)
  • Clay Mask (twice a week)
  • Night Gel (daily)
  • Charcoal Mask (Twice a month)
  • Face Scrub (weekly)

For some girls, this can be too much. But if you compare this with the pollution around you, this all worths it.

Final Thoughts on Skincare Mistakes

Taking care of your skin is super easy if you know what your skin needs. Your whole body is a mechanism that demands certain levels of nutrients and protection every day.

If you’ve seen someone getting soft and glowing skin, then you can achieve it too. In conclusion, we always recommend shifting over to herbal products. Don’t try to save money by spending less on cheap skincare products.

These kinds of products will cause harm in the longer run. Either invest in a good brand or get onto natural treatments to get the best results.

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