26 Beautiful Purple Hairstyles for Girls with Royal Swag!

Purple Hairstyles by Her Flawless Life

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If you are looking for some purple hairstyles, then luck is on your side and you have landed on the perfect page. We have always encouraged our readers to try different hairstyles and experiment with their looks.

And if you are someone, who is looking for Purple hair color ideas, then this is the perfect post in which you will find 26 purple hairstyles for girls who have real fashion sense.

Before you begin reading this post, we highly recommend you to check out our post on the 16 best hair care tips to grow healthy hair faster for girls. The reason is simple, you need to make your hair stronger in order to experiment with them.

You can also use scalp masks for your hair to provide nutrients to the roots.

And now without wasting any further time, let’s get started…

26 Purple Hairstyles Ideas for Girls with Fashion Sense

Purple Hairstyles Pin by Her Flawless Life

You can find a lot of inspirations on the internet regarding purple hair color ideas, but a lot of them are repetitive styles.

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This is why we have invested our time in handpicking the best purple hairstyle ideas for you. You can show these ideas to your hairstylist and he can suggest the perfect match for your face.

And here we go…

Yellow Line Purple Hairstyle

Yellow Line Purple Hairstyle by Her Flawless Life

Ditch all those retro hair color concepts and get this stripe-based hair color for your looks. This hairstyle is perfect and needs a lot of maintenance. It’s the best and that’s why we have put it in the first place.

Pink & Purple Hair Gradient

Red Purple Hair Gradient by Her Flawless Life

If you’re looking for Purple Hairstyles then don’t go with the plain shade. Instead, go with some kind of gradient. Just look at her, this is going to become a perfect look for fantasy fans.

Devil Queen Purple Hair

Queen Purple Hairstyle by Her Flawless Life

Are you looking for something that fulfills your hunger for fantasy world and Halloween eve? This look is damn awesome and you will love gorgeous in this hairstyle.

Bob Cut Purple Hair

Purple Rainbow Hairstyle by Her Flawless Life

For the fans of short hair, you can get a rainbow like shade of purple for achieving this kind of look. Make sure you have a good physique as this hairstyle doesn’t suits well on skinny body.

Pixie Cut Purple Shade

Purple Pixie Hair Idea by Her Flawless Life

If you are a skinny woman, we recommend you to trim down your hair to this length and then you can have this purple grunge hair color concept to flaunt among your friends.

Heart Shape Purple Hair

Purple Heart Hairstyle by Her Flawless Life

You can combine your short purple hair with this kind of shapes made by trimming your hair to zero level. You can even write your name with this method.

Red & Purple Flower Hair

Purple Hair Color Idea by Her Flawless Life

If you are wondering how will you look on a wedding day with these kinds of purple hair textures, then here is your answer. You’ll stand out in the public.

Purple Blonde Hair Color

Purple Blonde Hairstyle by Her Flawless Life

Trim your hair to this length and give them this kind of light purple hair color shade to get this amazing look. You can also wear a complimentary lip shade. Doesn’t she look like a character from Street Fighter? Well, who cares!

Brown & Purple Cyber Girl

Purple Brown Split Hair Color by Her Flawless Life

It is time to adapt yourself with the looks of futuristic world. This hairstyle is so unique and you can simply achieve this hairstyle by coloring your hair with Purple and Brown color from half.

Emo Purple Hair Color Looks

Purple Blonde Gradient Girl by Her Flawless Life

Emo and Steampunk style is getting into the trend as Hollywood movies and Video games, if you are looking for some really cool looking purple hairstyles, then this grungy look can be really amazing. The idea is give them this dirty and rough look to get the results.

White & Purple GOT Hair Color

Purple and White Hair Idea by Her Flawless Life

Combining your Games of Throne style braided hairstyle with Blue and Purple colored textured can be make you look a perfect mythological character. You can also try adding decorative hair pins with it.

Blue & Purple Hair Texture

Pink & Purple Hair Texture by Her Flawless Life

Two shades concept for hair color can look pretty cute and you can see how beautifully in compliments the brown skin tone. It brings dance to your hair.

Instagram Model Purple Hairstyle

Instagram Purple Hair Babe by Her Flawless Life

If you are an Instagram celebrity and want to charge up your fans with your new looks then this hair color idea can suit your well. You can have gradient of light and dark shade of purple to get these kinds of results.

Neon Blue Hair Idea

Peacock Hair Color Idea by Her Flawless Life

When you experiment with neon shades of blue, you get this amazing hair color for your looks. Add it with your tattooed body and everything is set for a completely new look.

Blue & Violet Split Hair Color

Indigo Purple Split Hair Color by Her Flawless Life

Just like the cyborg girl above, we have this Blue and Purple split hair color idea where you can get this anime style hairstyle by experimenting with your skin tone. Ask your hairstylist to match the perfect shades of colors.

Purple Afro Hairstyle

Indigo and Purple Hair by Her Flawless Life

Splitting your hair with two colors is not limited straight and long hair only. As you can see in this image, short hairstyles like Afro also look amazing when you have a great texture in your hair.

Greek Goddess Hair

Greek Purple Hairstyle by Her Flawless Life

This hairstyle can look pretty simple but if you add it with this kind of hair accessary then you can achieve this Greek goddess kind of look. It’s elegant and beautiful.

Halloween Purple Makeup & Hair

Halloween Purple Hair Idea by Her Flawless Life

Let’s get some spooky look and fashion-friendly shade of Purple that matches perfect with your skin tone and unique makeup styles. You’re gonna get a lot of hearts on Instagram.

Fantasy Purple Hair Color

Fantasy Purple Hairstyle by Her Flawless Life

Dark and Neon colors are not always great. Just look at this bright purple hair color idea that makes you look a character from an anime. As you can see in the image, combining it with golden lens can bring the best of looks.

Purple Copper Hairstyle

Copper and Purple Hair Shade by Her Flawless Life

Who said that you need to get Purple looks only? You can have this copper colored hairstyle with purple streaks in between them. This will make you look super unique in a crowd.

Shades of Blue Hair Color

Cool Shade Hair Color by Her Flawless Life

After the 50 shades of grey, this is the time when you get some shades of blue and purple on your head. Make sure you take care of your hair as coloring layers can damage them easily.

Rainbow School Hairstyle

Colorful Hairstyle by Her Flawless Life

This rainbow hairstyle is looking damn sassy and you can get it for your college days to flaunt in your campus. It’s a bit nerdy and cool at the same time.

Brunette Purple Hair Gradient

Brunette Purple Hair Highlight by Her Flawless Life

This is a great way to highlight your hair with purple color by adding some texture of red and pink shade. Highlighting the bottom part of your is in the trend and you should also join this squad.

Brown Purple Long Hair

Brown and Purple Gradient Hair by Her Flawless Life

Don’t go with full Purple shade when you can achieve this amazing texture of purple and brown. Ask your hairstylist to make highlights with purple hair color to achieve this look.

Faded Purple Hairstyle

Bright Purple Hair Color by Her Flawless Life

You can also experiment on your hair with a faded shade of purple to achieve this kind of urban punk style hairstyle. It actually compliments fair skin tone.

Black & Blue Cool Shade Hairstyle

Black Blue Hair Color Idea by Her Flawless Life

You don’t have always need to look flashy in order to get purple hairstyles. Just look at her, decent looks with a shade of purple and blue along with black matches perfectly.

Final Thoughts on Purple Hairstyles

Coloring your hair with different hair colors is getting into Trends these days. Just go through your favorite celebrity’s Instagram profile, when you will observe how frequently she is changing the color of her hair.

The best part about covering your hair is that you can do it yourself with some hacks and tricks that you can easily find on YouTube.

We hope that this pause has helped you in some way. If you like this, feel free to share this post with your friends and family so that they can also get inspired for colouring their hair.

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