How to Look Pretty: 28 Tips to be Prettier Girl (Actually Works!)

How to Look Pretty by Her Flawless Life

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Do you want to look flawless every day? Looking beautiful is every girl’s dream. In this post, you’ll get the best tips on how to look pretty, even without makeup.

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How to Become Beautiful and Attractive?

By far, this is a must-read post for any woman/girl/lady to excel in life and profession. We have analyzed over 20 articles, three books, and tons of YouTube videos to find out the best tips to look pretty for you.

And here we go…

Look Pretty with Basic Habits

In this section, We have focused on getting the basic habits in the right way. This will help you in getting these tips to work for you faster and in a balanced way.

Begin Your Day with Stretching

Woman Body Stretching by Her Flawless Life

When people are asked about how they start their day, the usual answers are:

  • Going through the notifications of the phone.
  • Rushing for institute or job.
  • Thinking and worrying about yesterday
  • And other unworthy routines…

This is the time when you need to give an initial boost of positivity and productivity to yourself. If you are doing anything from the above-mentioned list, then you’re not only holding yourself from looking pretty but you are also inviting a lot of health problems.

We recommend you to start your day with body stretching and a healthy morning routine that suits your work traits.

It charges your body with energy and will power to complete your daily goals. All you need is your body and a good yoga mat to start with. You can turn your stretching routine into a morning workout by adding weight exercises (details in section 2) to tone your body.

Warm your body, increase the blood flow and then start your day with the energy and strength of a champion.

Follow a Face Wash Routine

What else can be better than giving your face a fresh start in the morning? As you wake up from sleep, the skin of your face is filled with overnight oil and dead skin cells.

After stretching, splash some water over your face and wash it with a suitable face wash that helps in achieving a refreshing morning.

Here is the recommended face wash for every skin that you can use to wash your face.

Do not forget to moisturize your face after washing. If you have oily skin, consider washing your face whenever you come home or go out.

A herbal face wash is recommended for oily skin and acne problems.

Keep Your Teeth Clean & White

Brushing Teeth Woman by Her Flawless Life

Smiling with confidence always needs your white and bright teeth that people tend to notice all the time. It is definitely the first thing that anyone can notice and if you don’t have clean and white teeth, it will be harder for you to love you even if you want to.

Apart from it, oral hygiene is considered a standard for healthy living. So, you must take care of your teeth and gums.

Here is what we recommend, practice healthy habits of maintaining oral hygiene by brushing your teeth 2 times a day with a whitening toothpaste.

The people who are struggling with stains on their teeth, or yellow teeth, should definitely try teeth whitening light treatment. It helps in removing the yellow pigment from the uppermost layer of your teeth.

Oil and Shampoo Your Hair

Hair Wash Salon by Her Flawless Life

Do you love your hair? In a recent survey, it was found that almost 60% of women do not love the texture and strength of their hair.

Everybody is dreaming of having the hairstyle of their favorite celebrity, but not everybody is taking care of their hair by providing sufficient nutrients to them.

So, you should always oil your hair at least once a week to maintain the shine and strength of your hair. We recommend you to use herbal hair oil that gives you nourishment without any side effects.

And oiling your hair is just half the part. You should always wash your hair with a suitable shampoo and conditioner, at least twice a week.

You can also have biotin supplements that help in growing healthy hair and nourish its strength inside out.

Morning Affirmations

There is only one difference that makes a gap between a successful and an unsuccessful person, and that is ‘Desire’. The stronger your desire is, the better result you have.

To be successful in your life, you don’t need a big bank balance, luxury cars, or branded clothes. The only thing you need to be successful in life, in any aspect, is a reason that drives you towards achieving your results.

So, start your day with positive affirmations. You can feel energetic all day, or you can feel tired right after having an eight-hour sleep. It all depends on what you choose.

See this video, that’s how you should feel in the morning.

Get a daily journal diary that helps you in logging your thoughts. Plan your morning and prioritize your tasks.

Your aim should be sleeping with satisfaction.

Smell Fresh All Day

Perfume Girl by Her Flawless Life

It has become a trend in society that you must smell good. That’s how people decide either they should come closer to you or maintain a distance.

It is a good thing to smell good. If you are smelling like candy, then you are already impressing the people around you. It has become a part of your hygiene routine.

So, grab your favorite fragrance and smell like a flower.

First, start by using deodorant to cover up stinky sweat. Do not use your perfume daily. Save it for some special occasions for a flawless impression.

Carry your Smile & Confidence

Woman Dance Happy by Her Flawless Life

No matter how much effort you put into making your looks beautiful, it will never get complete without a smile and your confidence.

The way you walk and the way you respond to the people around you makes you valuable. Even if you are wearing the most expensive necklace in the room, you cannot compete with the most thoughtful, confident, and blissful mind around you.

You should maintain a positive aura that attracts the attention of your surroundings.

Have you ever thought about how a single smile makes your photographs beautiful?

So, if you smile forever, your whole life can be beautiful too. People love to be with a person who has a vision. Have an attitude that speaks louder than the price tag of your dress.

That’s the essential part of becoming beautiful and looking pretty naturally.

Once the basics are done, you need to focus on your fitness. Here we go…

Focus on Fitness for Pretty Looks

Looking pretty needs a Healthy lifestyle that you can develop by having a healthy body. For having a healthy body, you need to be in the discipline of providing the appropriate nutrients and growth factors that help your cells to grow in an efficient manner.

So, in this section, we will cover the topics that help you in getting a healthy body for looking beautiful and attractive naturally.

Achieving everything on day one can be hard, and you should try developing these habits into your daily routine slowly and steadily.

Have Proper Sleep & Rest

Sleeping Woman by Her Flawless Life

There is no doubt that your body needs rest and sleep to restore and produce new skin cells that are essential for having a healthy lifestyle.

Today’s generation is busy scrolling the feed of social media and it is impacting, in a negative way, and its health. By not having proper sleep, you are inviting various health problems like insomnia, dark circles, loss of vision, headache, physical and mental fatigue, and so on.

The solution to this problem is easy and you can recover your sleep cycles within 3 days.

Here is what you should always do before going to sleep:

  • Plan your next day before going to sleep. This will help you from thoughts that make your brain active involuntary.
  • Don’t use your mobile phone for any technology-thing, at least, 30 minutes for sleeping.
  • Make sure that your sleeping position and surface is appropriate. Anything unusual can create body pain in the morning.
  • It is also advisable that you should not sleep by placing your head towards the north direction. The magnetic waves pull the blood to your brain. This can lead to a headache or unsatisfied sleep.

If it is possible, you can also try sleeping with your Bra off. Studies show that by relaxing those muscles, you can expect a comfortable sleep.

You can also use a Sleep Tracking app that helps you to understand the need of your body.

Drink Plenty of Water Everyday

Water Drinking Woman by Her Flawless Life

Drinking plenty of water everyday helps in detoxifying our body, regulating the temperature, and providing essential elements to have good health. Yet many people don’t drink enough water that their body requires every day.

It is a proven fact that water also helps in skin glow and makes you look beautiful naturally.

It also helps in nourishing skin cells and hair growth. You get white and brighter eyes, moisturized skin, and it also helps in weight loss.

The best part? Drinking water has no side effects unless you don’t like to spend more time in the washroom. So, we recommend you to drink 8 glasses of water every day.

You can download this water reminding app to get notifications right into your smartphone. We also recommend you to have a measurable cute water bottle with you.

Just look at this cute water bottle. Stay hydrated, stay young.

Perform Basic Workout Routine

Woman Workout at Home by Her Flawless Life

You have to accept the reality that you are not moving your body enough in a day to have a healthy balance of active muscle growth and restoring energy.

It helps in maintaining proper hormonal growth inside your body which is really helpful in getting a beautiful and flawless body.

Achieving a perfect body is everyone’s dream and you have to get active with a daily workout routine that you can perform alongside your busy schedule.

We recommend you to download and use this home workout app that is specially designed for women.

If you are not interested in tracking your exercise with the mobile application, just go freestyle and perform home workouts with the light warm-up in the beginning.

Exercising and workout make your body active and helps in the proper growth of new cells that gives you beauty.

Have an Outdoor Hobby

Skateboard Woman Happy by Her Flawless Life

Some girls are going to give an excuse that they are busy enough for sparing some time for a workout. So, here’s the deal, you have to find an outdoor hobby that helps in channelizing the energy of a body in the right way.

You can start exploring hobbies, and it doesn’t take a lot of time.

Get together with your friends and do something that makes you feel tired. You can go for a bicycle ride, play badminton in your backyard, or why don’t you try skateboarding?

It’s fun and adventurous to have a hobby that keeps you running even in the low times. For you to look pretty, you really need an active lifestyle. Your comfortable couch is not your best friend.

Eat Fruits

If you want to look beautiful, then go for colorful fruits, girl!

Yes, you have heard it right. Fruits are rich in various vitamins and nutrients that you need to have clear glowing skin.

If you haven’t read our post on 20 Foods for Perfect Glowing Skin, then you are missing an important chunk of information.

In the post, we have shared how eating fruits are right for your skin. The presence of Vitamin C helps in detoxing your skin like magic.

Here’s a brief if you haven’t read that post yet. You should eat fruits like oranges, kiwi, and papaya to get anti-aging elements for younger looks. You can also eat walnuts and drink coconut water to have healthy hair growth.

In simple words, add a variety of foods to your daily diet and help your body to get better by eating better.

Nutrition Supplements (Optional)

Supplements Woman by Her Flawless Life

The sad part about the food that we eat today is, it is not sufficient to provide enough nutrients. The culture of growing crops and cultivating has transformed into the modern procedure.

The method of cooking has also changed. These modern methods are responsible for the loss of all the important nutrients from the food while cooking.

It is like we are eating well, but the food is incapable of providing you the actual nutritional value that is used to provide 10 years ago. This is the reason why we are experiencing common health issues like a low immune system and premature grey hair in teens.

We recommend taking some plant-based supplements that help to fill the gap which is created by the preserved and packed food items.

Though it is advised to consult your doctor before taking any of them. The goal is to get support from these supplements, not to depend on them.

Eat Biotin Rich Food

Being a flawless girl, you need to take care of various vitamins and minerals to keep up your body with the daily Hustle. But, if there is one food nutrient that helps you to get a beautiful and strong personality, then it is ‘Biotin’.

Biotin is rich in cell rejuvenating capabilities and it is really good for your nails, hair, and skin.

If you want to grow your hair, this is the nutrient that you are looking for. You can get biotin from Salmon Fish, egg yolk, and organ meat.

For vegetarians, you can get it from sweet potatoes and nuts. Biotin helps in growing your nails naturally, so you cannot afford to miss it.

Maintain a Healthy Body Posture

Meditation Woman by Her Flawless Life

The common body ache problems of today’s generation are solely connected to the lifestyle and habits that we have developed over time. Thanks to the latest technology for making us sit on a chair for 8 hours. That’s the profession, right?

In a survey, it was found that the number one reason for all the back problems and uneven sleep is bad body posture. Sitting with your shoulders down or a curvy back can damage the shape of your body.

Your pelvic bone has to play a great role here. So, we highly recommend you to focus on your body posture. The way you sit, walk, and stand matters a lot.

As a solution, we suggest you have a straight posture while doing all the daily activities. For some people, standing straight can be a little tricky if they are looking like a sad clown for many months.

You can go for this posture correcting belt strap (amazon link) around your shoulders to get straight support.

You can also practice some yoga asanas to make back straight overtime. You can also try sleeping without a pillow, as it helps you to lay down as flat as you can.

A confident posture speaks louder than anything.

Read Good Books for Mental Fitness

Book Reading Woman by Her Flawless Life

If you have a beautiful mind, then you are beautiful. If your mind sees the prettiest smiles, then you are looking pretty. This has a close connection that only a few people understand.

You can start working on yourself but the only idle way to stay on track is growing with your mind.

Many people start working on their body by eating good food, getting a gym membership, following a morning routine, etc. but it fades away from their lives within the first three months.

The biggest reason for this failure is that you do not know how to become the master of your attitude. Your body needs the attention of your brain. And your brain needs your attention.

So, the roots should be strong enough to keep you motivated through everything. Just look at all the successful people, they never stopped learning.

If you’re thinking of getting some good books, then here’s what we recommend.

This is what brings your consciousness towards real beauty.

Now, we are not asking you to move to the caves of the Himalayas. That’s impractical and illogical unless you want to.

Have your perception clear and lead your life like a boss.

After all this, it’s time to work on the outer part. Yes, fashion has its own era, and let us share some crazy working tips with you.

Grab your mascara and let’s go…

How to Look Pretty with Fashion Sense

Fashion has been evolving for ages and we have witnessed some really crazy and jaw-dropping fashion styles that you can wear.

From balloon pants to rugged shorts, girls are exploring every piece of cloth and it’s fun. And this Hollywood is setting new fashion trends every now and then.

So, after filtering hundreds of tips from experts and women around the globe, we’ve filtered the most suitable fashion tips to look pretty in this section.

Let’s begin…

Wear Pretty Cloth

Woman Cute Dress by Her Flawless Life

Okay, people do judge you by your dressing style. It has a whole lot of a game of perception and timing. So, if you want to look pretty and beautiful, you’ll need to dress like the most pretty girl on this planet.

And it is really simple, just wear beautiful clothes. But what are beautiful clothes?

Well, for some girls, it’s a dress that shows your elegance and for some, it is the comfort of good-fitting denim jeans.

It is completely up to you.

Just make sure that you wear bright colors and especially cute dresses that bring the girl out of your body.

You can look up to your favorite shopping portal to look for these dresses. We also recommend you to wear cloth that compliments your skin tone.

There’s no scope of racism here, but it needs a practical approach. For some skin tones, you can match tangy colors but for some, it makes your skin look dull.

See, everything is fashion and trend unless it doesn’t end up like a wardrobe malfunction. Explore different colors and look for what matches your taste.

Nourish your Skin

Woman with Face Mask by Her Flawless Life

If you want to look pretty, then you have to work on your skin. Taking care of your skin can make you look healthy and beautiful in a natural way.

Just to get your idol fashion influencer, she glows with her skin. And it is really easy to make skin flawless and nourish it without getting exhausted.

Start with a good moisturizer and shower gel. Make sure your skin is dirt free and smells good.

If you have sensitive skin, then don’t use too many chemicals on it. You can go with herbal products that are chemical-free and good for your overall health.

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One mistake that is common among women is using the same cream for all the body parts. The skin on different body parts is designed in such a way that it has different cell structures and characteristics. You cannot use face cream on your feet or a body moisturizer on your face.

We also recommend you to have a skin test to find out your skin type. You can also use natural skin ailments like sunlight. For facial skin, have your sunscreen ready (if not for the body).

In case you are living near an area that is highly polluted with dust particles, always cover your body as much as you can. It will protect your body.

Get a Beautiful Hairstyle

This is something serious. Your hairstyle tells a lot about your personality. If you look at some strong women’s personalities, they all are recognized by a certain type of hairstyle.

Kim Kardashian’s Hairstyle is straight hair with a split in the middle. A long bob hairstyle male Jennifer Aniston the perfect face.

Did you get the point?

Get yourself a good hairstyle. the shape of your face matters a lot when you decide on a good hairstyle for you. Check out this illustrative image and once you are done with the facial shape, choose your hairstyle accordingly.

Woman Face Shape by Her Flawless Life

Visit your salon or scroll to different images on Pinterest. It is all up to you.

Maintain Your Cute Nails to Look Pretty

Nails Maintain by Her Flawless Life

One of the best parts of being a girl is that you can decorate every part of the body. And when it comes to hand, nails stand out to be the number one spot for catching someone’s attention.

Nowadays, maintaining your nails is very easy and you know if you are not willing to grow nails naturally, you can always use acrylic nails.

The only thing that you need to consider while choosing the perfect nail art for you is its contrast with the outfit and your skin.

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If you want to grow nails naturally, then you should eat the right food for it. Pinterest can always be a great source for looking at some nail art inspirations.

You can also use glitter and glue to have shiny glittery nails for special occasions like Christmas or Halloween.

We recommend you to get this nail designing kit. It will reduce the recurring cost of maintaining your nails.

Start with Light Makeup

If you haven’t started using makeup yet and if you are somewhere in your twenties,  then time for you to start with some light makeup.

You can start with mascara with a combination of a good shade of lipstick. If lipstick is too much, you can use a colored lip balm for now.

On some special occasions, you can use 

Have Glossy Pink Lips

Lipstick Woman by Her Flawless Life

Lips don’t lie!

No, seriously. You can literally tell how much self-care a woman is putting by her lips. For your cute looks, lips are considered a feminine feature that always attracts other beings.

You should always care for your lips. There are various ways to have beautiful pink lips naturally.

And if you are comfortable, you can have some really beautiful lipstick shades that give you pretty looks.

You can also make lip scrub at home that makes your lips gorgeous in 2-3 days. And if you are not into much fashion, then you can have a good lip balm that works solely as an instant beauty hack.

Get Rid of Body Hair

Woman Waxing by Her Flawless Life

Some girls are setting new trends by giving a new dimension to feminism but if you want to know the secret of how to look pretty without makeup, the first step is shredding your body hair.

In order to have soft skin, you must make sure that it is fully waxed or shaved. You can take help from a friend, or visit the nearest salon for hair removal.

We recommend you to have your hair removal kit at home as it is convenient and much cheaper than visiting the salon again and again.

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You can also use readymade wax strips or hair removal creams to get the results. Make sure you wash and moisturize your skin after removing all the unwanted hair.

Though it is not recommended to remove hair from areas like your genitals but trimming them to an appropriate length can be a good idea. These hairs work as a protector or filter from outer dust and bacteria to enter your sensitive organs.

Show this world how beautiful legs you have. And yeah, make sure you do it to underarms too. Be ready for the concert dance.

Add Jewellery to Look Pretty

Certain type of jewelry which is not too heavy to make it an ethnic looks really great on you.

You can make a fusion of western and traditional fashion trends by wearing minimalistic jewelry with your favorite pair of jeans and top.

On some girls, as little as a thin necklace works like a beautiful ornament. You can also wear them with earrings that suit your personality.

If you do not want to cover your face with jewelry and stuff, then you can wear a simple ring on your finger that adds up to your personality.

Get a Good Pair of Footwear

Woman Footwear by Her Flawless Life

How can you forget the feet that carry your body all day long without taking any credit? You should definitely care about your feet on a regular basis.

What I personally recommend is, moisturize your feet daily with a foot care cream that provides essential nutrients to the skin.

But, the best part is getting yourself a good pair of footwear to flaunt in front of everyone. You can pair yourself with something cute like these to set your own level of the comfort zone.

Beautiful Woman in Dress by Her Flawless Life

Meanwhile, I also recommend you to go with your looks and personality. You should always match your dressing sense and fashion style with the kind of footwear that you’ll wear.

To look pretty, you have to choose pretty things for yourself.

There are some fashion errors that you shouldn’t make unless they become new and unique trends.

You should also pedicure according to the need to have beautiful feet that help you to look elegant. This is the hack that can make you ‘the topic’ and fashion authority among your friends and family.

Now, here are some tips for the girls who stay at home and want to look pretty. Spoiler? Don’t eat those chips. Read below…

Beauty Tips for Girls at Home

There are chances that you spend most of your time at home and for many girls, this is the biggest reason for not looking pretty. Well, spoiler alert, it has nothing to do with your stay at home routine.

And if you think so, then you should probably change the way you accept your reality. Being pretty is all about loving yourself, and maintaining your beauty from inside and outside.

Here are the tips that you want to share with you. Everything in every choice is in your hand. You can become whatever you think.

So, tips for girls who stay at home are…

Don’t be a Couch Potato

Woman Car Wash by Her Flawless Life

Laziness is a sin if you are aiming for success in life. For the girls tend to stay at home due to their own reasons, we just want to say one thing and that is don’t be a couch potato.

Staying on the bed all day can create a lot of health issues and block your creativity levels. This is the reason why you are getting a lot of pimples on your face, and gaining weight without eating much.

The idea is to make yourself busy throughout the day to get the most out of life. With all the above tips, you can keep yourself busy by learning new things, cooking at home, applying beauty products that suit your skin, or doing DIY room decor.

There is a lot to learn and you have to find your own way. Just move your body, that’s it.

Get Inspiration from Pinterest Beauty Ideas

Woman with Phone by Her Flawless Life

The most common thing about not getting ideas is the lack of inspiration for looking pretty that gives you an initial boost. This is why we always recommend you to join a community of people with similar interests.

In that community is Pinterest. We are not kidding about this, Pinterest is the source of millions of fashion and beauty ideas that you can use to look flawless every day. You can save your favorite ideas when your boards and have your collection ready to watch again and again.

Fashion and beauty are always a trend on Pinterest and you can even follow our official Pinterest profile where we share the latest content about skincare, haircare, fashion outfits, etc.

So, next time when you want to do something about your looks, want to see what is trending in fashion, looking for the best beauty hacks, then you know where you have to go.

Stop Comparing Yourself

Okay, you have to stop comparing yourself with others. Everyone is unique and when you try to compare yourself, you show yourself disrespect. This is not going to work for you in a long way.

Like we mentioned in our post on reducing stress naturally, you have to adopt a positive affirmation routine in order to get a smooth thinking pattern. By comparing yourself with others or your previous personality can only lead to bad consequences like experiencing fear, anxiety, and everything that is enough to make your life a little less adventure.

You have one life and you should live it to the fullest. Beauty begins with a beautiful brain. Just look at the famous names like Lily Singh, Oprah Winfrey, or Ellen DeGeneres, they all have gone through the struggles of life and found a path of self-care for them.

In short, the journey of real you will start only when you want it to start. We highly recommend you to read this book – The Bawse Life by Lily Singh. You won’t put it down, once you will start this book.

Love yourself.

My Final Thoughts on Looking Pretty

Being pretty doesn’t always mean that you have to look good, as it is also a mental process.

It is not about those big moves that you have to make. It is about these tiny efforts that you can do in your day to day life to bring change in your personality.

If you think that this post has helped you to look pretty, please comment below and tell us what you think about these tips. We would love to hear your side.

Share this post with your friends and spread the love. Keep coming for more content, buh bye!

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