6 Quick Ways to Get Long Eyelashes at Home!

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Are you done with fake eyelashes and glue? This is the time when you should start caring for your eyelashes. You can get long eyelashes at home with help of these 6 quick tips.

These homemade hacks can help you to grow eyelashes longer and thicker with no extra effort. If you follow a consistent routine, then you can definitely achieve eyelashes that make you look sexy and stylish.

Without wasting any further time, let’s get to the list…

6 Ways to Grow Long Eyelashes Naturally

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You will find tons of unnecessary information that will confuse you and you will end up having nothing in your hands. Worry not, we got your back. Just follow the steps in this list and you will have long eyelashes in no time.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera by Her Flawless Life

Getting nutrients from the refreshing plants is cool in literal ways. Aloe Vera helps in cleaning the pores and you can get a healthy status of your eyelashes by using Aloe Vera on them.

It contains many useful vitamins and minerals to help you get long eyelashes at home. You can use a spare mascara wand to apply Aloe Vera on your eyelashes.

Let it be there for the whole night and rinse your face with cold water in the morning.

Castor Oil for Long Eyelashes

This is going to work like a magic for your eyelashes. If you don’t know already then Castor Oil is very helpful in getting long eyelashes faster than ever. You can use Castor Oil to stimulate your eyelids.

You can use a cotton swab to apply this oil to your eyelashes before going to sleep. Leave it for the whole night and rinse off any residue in the morning with cold water.

This will help in fighting the microorganisms that are blocking the growth of your eyelashes. Do it every second day to get the best results.

Shea Butter

Moisturizer everywhere! Shea Butter is great for your hair growth and you can use it to get longer eyelashes easily. Shea Butter contains vitamins A and E that helps in nourishing follicles in order to enhance your hair growth.

You can take a small amount of shea butter and rub your fingertips, apply it on your eyelashes and sleep overnight.


Egg Tray by Her Flawless Life

Ask any gym freak and she will tell you the benefits of egg in terms of providing nutrition, especially protein. Do you know that an egg also contains Biotin?

In our post on getting long hair at home, we discussed the benefits of Biotin and how it helps your hair, skin, and nails. The presence of Vitamin B and Biotin helps in densifying the volume and texture of your eyelashes.

You can use a mixture of egg and glycerine in a bowl. Use a cotton ball and apply it gently to your eyes. Remember to keep them close while doing this procedure. Leave it on your eyelashes for 15 minutes and then use cold water to rinse it off.

Repeat this process every second day to get the best results.

Coconut Milk

Milk Bathing Woman by Her Flawless Life

If you are a true skin caretaker then you already know the benefits of coconut and the products made up of coconut. While coconut oil is highly beneficial for your hair, you can use coconut milk on your eyelashes. To get long and thick eyelashes, you can dip a cotton ball in cold coconut milk and pat it over your eyelashes.

Keep your eyes close and take a short nap of 10 to 20 minutes. Then you can rinse it off with a dry cotton wipe. If you don’t like its smell, then you can use cold water to clean it.

Repeat it daily before sleeping to get the best results.

Petroleum Jelly

Face Jelly by Her Flawless Life

Vaseline is very useful when you want to grow your eyelashes naturally at home. To get those luscious eyelashes, you can apply a thin layer of vaseline on them and you can let it be there overnight.

This petroleum jelly will help in getting thicker lashes and you can wipe any leftover with a tissue in the morning.

Final Thoughts on Long Eyelashes

And that’s it for this informational post. Getting long eyelashes is easy and you’ll look damn hot with your new look. Having long eyelashes is a plus point and increases your Beauty and Looks.

You should also consider a good diet plan to get the results sooner. We hope that this post will help you to get longer eyelashes.

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