Get Long Curtain Bangs in 3 Steps at Home (10 Inspiring Images!)

Long Curtain Bangs by Her Flawless Life

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This is the social media age and people are bringing back old school trends into the trending hashtags of social media platforms. From recent trends, Curtain Bangs hairstyle is one of the most adapted hairstyles of this year.

As more and more girls are coming up on social media accounts with this hairstyle, it is becoming a global trend among beauty aspirants. In this post, we will cover everything about Curtain Bangs and how you can have them at home.

We will talk about the steps and also attach 10 Hairstyle Inspirations for you. Feel free to explore this post and get this trending hairstyle.

For some of you, this can be a new concept. Let’s know about it…

What is Curtain Bangs Hairstyle?

Curtain Bangs is a modern hairstyle that comes from traditional face-framing fringe which get popularity back in 60’s with celebrities like Farrah Fawcett and Brigette Bardot. This hairstyle is achieved by splitting your hair from middle and curling the front hair like an opening curtain.

Curtain Bangs Hairstyle Pin by Her Flawless Life

As you can see, this was an iconic hairstyle back in black & white era and it is coming back to our 21st century. You can see every other celebrity with this hairstyle and we suggest you to blend with the trend right now.

Dakota Johnson by Her Flawless Life
Dakota Johnson (Lead Actress – 50 Shades of Gray)

You have one life, why not exploring it to the fullest? And it’s time to learn how to do it…

How to Style Curtain Bangs in 3 Steps at Home?

In this section, you will learn the exact steps to get Curtain Bangs Hairstyle in 3 easy steps. Before you go further, we recommend you to get essentials ready at your home. These essentials are:

These are the basics that you need to prepare your hair for any hairstyle.

STEP 1: The first step for getting this hairstyle is to get the perfect haircut for it. You can go to your nearest salon or you can watch the below video to cut them yourself at home.

STEP 2: Once you have the right hair length, you need to prepare your hair for making the hairstyle. This step is all about washing your hair with a suitable shampoo and conditioner. You can also apply a layer of hair protection sprays as you will use a hairdryer on them.

STEP 3: The final step is to style your hair. In this step, you need to split your hair from the middle (watch the video for visual reference). Then you have to split some hair just above your forehead and you can use a curling wand to form a wavy texture that goes around your eyes.

Watch this video for Curtain Bangs Tutorial:

Credit goes to the Creator of the Video

Now, you know the secret to get this magical look. It’s time to look at some inspirations to boost the inner beauty diva inside you.

10 Curtain Bangs Images for Hair Inspiration

If you will look for curtain bangs hashtag on Instagram, the platform will bombard you with millions of hair stylists and creators world wide. For your ease, we have filtered out 10 images that can inspire you to get this trendy hairstyle.

Straight Hair Transformation

Straight Hair Curtain Bangs by Her Flawless Life
Instagram Credits:

Look at this girl. She has average looking hair like most of us. This is how you will look after getting this hairstyle. As you can see, your face looks wider and healthier in this hairstyle.

Korean Curtain Bangs Girl

Korean Curtain Bangs Hairstyle by Her Flawless Life
Instagram Credits: kristdarryl

This hairstyle is popular among Korean girls. If you are searching for someone who have similar face features like you, then this is the image that can inspire you the most.

Brown Hair Looks

Girl in Mask Long Hair by Her Flawless Life
Instagram Credits: manes_by_mia

This hairstyle has something magical in it. No matter which color type your hair have, this trendy update in your looks makes you phenomenal.

Pale Blonde Balayage Style

Curtain Bangs Transformation by Her Flawless Life
Instagram Credits: curtainbangs

Another transformation from normal partially wavy hair to this face-framing fringe concept. As you can see in this image, the particular girl has used a hair spray to get fluffy texture with hair.

Balayage Blonde Texture Hair

Brunette Hair Curtain Bangs by Her Flawless Life
Instagram Credits: fattalelie

Okay, you are a brunette who has done blonde hair color and want to achieve this look. Just look at how beautiful you will look. This hairstyle will also complement the transition of colors on your hair.

Pixie Hair Curtain Bangs

Bob Cut Curtain Bangs by Her Flawless Life
Instagram Credits: judeviola

Who said you cannot get this hairstyle with short bob hair? Just look at this diva, she is having a perfect trendy look that makes her stand out among her friends.

This pixie hairstyle is complementing her looks and personality.

Insta Ready Hairstyle

Blue Top Curtain Bangs by Her Flawless Life
Instagram Credits: chriswberhair

If you have achieved blonde hair with help of balayage technique of hair coloring, then this is what you will look like with this hair concept.

You can also refer to Blonde Long Hairstyles to get new look for your next occasion.

Copper Blonde Hair Looks

Blond Almond Curtain Bangs Babe by Her Flawless Life
Instagram Credits: curtainbangs

Now, let’s look at this Instagram beauty. Having long hair is a gift and maintaining them with these kind of hairstyles can be the cherries on the cake.

Let your followers get thrilled by your looks.

Light Brown Curtain Bangs

Beautiful Girl Curtain Bangs by Her Flawless Life
Instagram Credits: victorkeyrouz

This is it. Curtain bangs can make you look beautiful and these looks are covering the trend pages of all the social media platforms.

If you have a diamond shape face, this is a perfect hairstyle for you.

Balayage Thin Volume Hair

Balayage Curtain Bangs Hairstyle by Her Flawless Life
Instagram Credits: hairby_belinda

Imagine yourself waking up in those lazy summers and getting a natural curtain bangs. This is gonna be the best feeling and you can spend hours in front of your mirror.

These natural curtain bangs can be a result of maintaining your hair in the same hairstyle for a longer period of time.

Conclusions on Curtain Bangs

Curtain Bangs are getting into trend again and this is the time when you should get them. You can amaze your friends with your new sassy looks. This hairstyle is a killer machine if you want to get jaw-dropping reactions from everyone.

No matter if you have long hair or straight hair with less volume, Curtain Bangs hairstyle is going to make you look super beautiful and social media ready in few seconds.

We hope that this post will help you in a way. Follow us on Pinterest for more such content. Keep coming back to read more content, buh bye.

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