12 Lazy Girl Weight Loss Tips for Girls without Exercise!

Lazy Girl Weight Loss Tips

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At some point, we all try to act like a lazy cat. There is nothing bad about being lazy unless it is damaging your health and success. Special thanks to the work from the home concept that keeps us sitting at a place. This is why you need to know about this lazy girl weight loss tips to stay slim, even without going to the gym.

In this post, you will learn about 12 lazy girl weight loss tips that will help you to stay fit and never gain extra pounds on your body, even if you are lazy. Let’s suppose that you are feeling active on a particular day and you rush for cardio, then weight lifting and evening walk, and meditation before sleeping.

But, there will be days when you will like to binge what’s your favorite TV series and eat potato chips. It happens with all of us. That’s why you should definitely read this post about lazy girl weight loss hacks.

To be very clear, these tips are related to each other and it is not mandatory for you to follow all of them at once. You can start adopting these habits one by one until it comes naturally to you. And you have to set the right expectations too.

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If you think that you can lose 20 pounds of weight overnight, then say ‘April Fools!’ to yourself after reading this post. But I assure you that if you follow these tips on a regular basis, then you can see great results over time.

Lazy Girl Weight Loss Tips

Let me be clear that these tips are for the people who are looking for easy ways to stop gaining extra pounds on their body. There are dozens of other weight loss tips that work better than these. but those tips also require full dedication and disciplined life.

This is the only reason I have filtered out these lazy girl weight loss tips. I have listed them in no particular order and you can start with the one you prefer most.

Drink before Meal

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This is a simple trick which anyone can do to eat fewer calories in a day. Water has no calories and no side effects unless you drink too much of it which causes a bloated stomach.

You have got an idea of what I’m talking about here. Before your meal, drink one or two glasses of water to fill up your belly. It will help you to eat less food.

Consuming less food is not healthy because you will lose important nutrients. But if you are a fan of fast foods or snacks, then this is a quick solution for eating less.

Cut High Calories Drinks

When you drink a glass of your favorite soft drink like coca-cola, you are consuming a lot of calories just for the sake of the taste. It is estimated that the average person drinks 300 calories a day. These drinks are easy to consume but they add a lot of calorie intake on a daily basis.

This is not good for your body. The solution for this challenge to replace your drinks with normal water. level without consuming unwanted calories. Instead of going for soft drinks, you can drink healthy stuff like juices and shakes.

Use Small Bowls and Plates

For some people, it is near impossible to stop eating the food that you love. But you can always compromise on the quantity of it.

This is why you should always use small bowls and plates to have your stuff as minimum as possible. It is human psychology that you want to fill up your utensil with as much food as you can. And you end up eating the largest amount of food in the house.

Basically, you have to manipulate your mind in a way that you are eating enough but in actuality, you are eating only 60% of the total.

Log Your Water Intake

Water Drinking Woman by Her Flawless Life

Have a bottle with daily water goals and take it everywhere you go. Drinking water has a lot of benefits and you’ll be amazed to know that it helps in maintaining the muscle to fat ratio in the body.

Once you get the habit of drinking 2-3 rounds of water every day, you’ll starve for water on the days when you don’t get to drink it. Now, you have two options.

First: Use this app that reminds you of water intake and goals. You can track the water consumption levels of your body. It’s handy and always on your phone. You can also buy Realme Watch (amazon link) for as low as $59 and track it on the go.

Second: Buy this amazing water tracking bottle from Amazon to see when you need to have another sip of water.

Maintaining this habit is easy in summers but you should also keep your consistency in winters too.

Prepare Healthy Snacks

A lot of girls love to cook new recipes every weekend. While you cannot resist eating tasty snacks, but you can always replace them with something which is healthy too.

These healthy food items are good for your beauty. If you Google it, you will find dozens of recipes about cooking healthy snacks in 10 to 15 minutes. They are fun to eat it and you will never have to compromise with your taste buds.

If you ask me then my favorite snack is brown bread with an omelet wrapped around it. I wish I could name it something. How about “Bread Potter with Cloak of Invisibility”? Nevermind!

Find a Physical Hobby

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Some people call themselves because they don’t want to go to the gym every day. It is completely fine.

What I suggest to my friends is to find a hobby that keeps your body in motion. It could be anything from dancing, morning walks with your favorite playlist, playing football, etc.

As long as your muscles are in motion, any hobby can suit your daily routine.

Carry Packed Healthy Meals

This is the 21st century and we, women, excelling at a personal and professional life. We wake up to rock the world.

And if you are life includes rushing to the work and create great value for your profession by sticking with the daily objectives, then I can totally relate to your life.

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These are the situations when my stomach gets empty after 2 to 3 hours of continuous work, and I rush for something to eat. To save me from eating unhealthy fast food, I keep boxes of healthy snacks in my carry bag. It varies from fruit salad to dry fruits.

This kind of small effort helps me in staying fit even at work.

Don’t Compare Yourself

If you think that you are fat, then you are wrong. There are no particular criteria for being fit or fat. For someone, losing 20 pounds in a month can be an ideal fit. But for someone else, it could be only losing 5 pounds of weight.

So, stop comparing yourself with other girls. There are girls who are bulkier than you. If you will compare yourself with those girls, then you are already fit.

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This is what I have learned from my personal experience that comparing yourself with anyone else is just a stupid mistake. Instead of comparing yourself, you should always engage your mind in doing something productive and better for everybody. If you know a little bit of science, then you may already know that taking stress or any kind of negativity can also affect your body weight.

You should always stay happy and focus on important things in your life. Does that mean you can say happy every time? No.

But it is your choice to be happy or sad in any situation, either it is your bank balance for your fitness level.

Drink Green Tea

While it is a process of bringing a cup of flavored water, but drinking green tea on a regular basis can really help metabolism level. This helps in cleansing your body inside out from toxic acids.

As a result, you will have a better digestive system and it will help you to remain slim in an indirect way. I personally like lemon ice tea. It is so good in taste and keeps me e healthy.

Add Black Pepper to Taste

Black Pepper by Her Flawless Life

Piperine is a compound that is present in black pepper. This compound helps in maintaining the metabolic level of the body. It also helps in increasing good cholesterol levels.

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In simple words, it will help you to burn your calories faster than ever. Since you’re burning your calories at the fastest speed, it will also help your body from storing fat.

It maintains a good temperature level of a body and you should always sprinkle black pepper powder on your regular food to get the best benefits.

One Scoop of Peanut Butter

A scoop of peanut butter contains a lot of good nutrients for your body. Peanut butter is rich in protein which is is the best food for your cell and muscle growth.

While it is so tasty and healthy for your body, it also kills your hunger. Peanut butter takes time to digest and stays for a longer time in your stomach. Less hunger means less intake of calories. Good job!

Watch Friends (It works!)

Friends TV Show by Her Flawless Life

“How You Doin’?” – If you cannot relate to this dialogue then you seriously need to watch Friends right now. I mean, how can you miss such a wonderful show.

While jokes, on the one hand, laughing a lot helps you to burn a lot of calories just by sitting on your couch and watching your favorite comedy show. If you can laugh for 2-3 hours a day, it will give you similar results as walking 5 km a day.

If laziness is your skill, then show them who’s the boss.

Final Thoughts

Losing weight is not a magic trick that you’ll do with a spell to vanish those extra pounds into thin air. If you really want to lose weight, then you have to make it like a habit that you perform on a daily routine.

In the beginning, it seems hard and when you adopt these habits in your daily routine, they will come naturally. It is not about taking big steps but adding small steps to get bigger results.

I hope that you’ll like this post and it helped you in any way. Share it with your friends and spread love. Keep coming back for reading good stuff, buh bye.

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