16 Tips to Grow Hair Faster for Girls with Short Hairs!

Grow Hair Faster by Her Flawless Life

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When you try to grow your hair, the time becomes everlasting. For some reason, the growth of your hair is affected by several conditions. And to Grow Hair Fast Naturally, you need to change your living habits to set some new conditions for your hair.

In this post, we will cover 16 tips to grow hair faster for girls who are struggling with short hair. You can read this post and apply these tips to see tremendous growth in the length of your hair.

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And now, let’s get back to the list…

Fast Hair Growth Tips for Girls

If you search how to grow hair fast for girls, the internet will bombard you with tons of relevant and irrelevant information. For your ease, we have filtered the 16 best hair care tips to have better and long hair.

And here we go…

Massage Your Scalp Before Sleep

Head Massage Woman by Her Flawless Life

Massaging your scalp for going to bed is a great solution for boosting hair growth. The human body releases natural hair oil that you need to spread with your fingertips while massaging your scalp every night.

Comb your hair and massaging it thoroughly can stimulate blood circulation in the scalp. This will help in providing essential nutrients to the roots of your hair.

Use two fingers, and massage your scalp in a circular motion to get the best effect. This will also help in releasing the tension in the muscles from your daily routine.

Practice it every day and feel better before getting ready for your dreams.

Eat Food for Hair Growth

Woman Holding Diet Plate by Her Flawless Life

The base of the growth of hair will always be eating good food. It is an old saying that you become what you eat.

This is why you should always focus on eating healthy and good food to look beautiful. In our previous post on 20 food items for flawless skin, you will find hair-friendly food items as well.

If you are comfortable with seafood, then we highly recommend eating Salmon fish as it contains Biotin. You can also use fish oil to prepare your food.

Other than that, Egg yolk and walnuts are also helpful for hair growth. Drink milk to nourish your body with strength.

The cell structure is based upon your Protein intake. Focus on nutrients like Vitamin E, A, Zinc, Iron, Omega-3 Fatty Acids to get the best-looking hair.

Trim Split Ends

Split Ends in Hair by Her Flawless Life

You may think this is the exact opposite of what we are discussing in this post, and we think you are wrong.

No doubt, cutting your hair can decrease its length. But you cannot leave split ends to damage your hair. Any kind of breakage and split ends at the bottom of your hair can damage the texture of your hair. So, trimming them often can help in getting healthy-looking hair.

You can get shiny looking hair after getting rid of split ends. Trim them from time to time for the best results.

Avoid Hair Colors

Blond Purple Hair Idea By Her Flawless Life

Coloring your hair has become an essential trend for girls. According to a study, 7 out of 10 girls want a different hair color over their natural looks.

If you are following our Hair Color Ideas Post, you will find that the fashion industry has grown into many aspects, especially having unique hair colors to look phenomenal.

All those women celebrities are setting a new trend of hairstyles. But it has a big side effect on the health of your hair. Bleaching and using chemicals on your hair can destroy the natural texture and nutrients value.

As a result, you will have more split ends and breakage in your hair. Colouring and bleaching also lead to dryness.

So, to have long and shiny looking hair, go with what you have naturally.

Add Essential Supplements to Diet

Supplements Woman by Her Flawless Life

Due to the change in environment, an increase in pollution, and unhealthy food manufacturing habits, our food items are insufficient of providing the real value of nutrients.

There was a time when people were dependent on healthy food habits like preparing fresh vegetables instead of frozen packed veggies and using natural spices instead of artificial pastes. Other than that, we had traditional boiling methods, rather than overheating in the microwave for less time.

This is why you need to add essential supplements to your daily diet to fill the nutritional gap in your body.

Start with Biotin. Biotin is an essential element that is responsible for your skin, hair, and nails. You will see a beautiful you after 1-3 months of taking biotin in an appropriate amount.

After that, you can also go with a multivitamin, that will boost your strength, immune system and you’ll feel less tired due to enough nutrients supplied to your body.

Remember, the motto is to fill the gap and not to depend on them. Consult a professional doctor before getting onto supplements.

Wet Hair Grows Faster

Hair Wash Salon by Her Flawless Life

There was a kid science show on TV named Backyard Science. There was an experiment on hair growth.

For that experiment, a body used a hair and taped it on a bench. He let it get wet in the rain the whole day. In the evening, when he went back to see the hair, it had grown half a centimeter longer.

This experiment proves that you can grow your hair faster by keeping them wet. Coolness creates a great condition for them to grow faster.

This is why we suggest you follow the next tip.

Cold Water for Hair Growth

As you already know about the water experiment above, this tip will work like magic. Take cold showers and let your hair dry itself.

You can sleep by giving support to your hair. Repeat this activity at least twice a month.

Coldwater moisturizes your hair deeper and helps the nutrients to travel from roots to tips.

This trick works all the time. Try it yourself and comment below your results.

Use a Wide Tooth Comb

Hair Care Routine by Her Flawless Life

It is a good practice to detangle your hair frequently to let them grow straight. But you also need to take care of not damaging them with the force of your hand.

This is why you should always use a wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair. Using force while detangling can break hair from roots.

You should always use a wide-tooth comb with soft hands to detangle your hair in the natural direction of them. These wide tooth combs are better than the harsh spikes of the normal comb.

Massage with Oils

The good news is, oiling your hair is always beneficial if you know the right products. Due to our living habits, we expose our hair to pollutants and daily hustle.

So, you should always choose a good hair oil and massage your scalp. You can oil your hair twice a week to get the best results.

Don’t use Hair Dryer or Heating

Hair Dryer Heating by Her Flawless Life

You are creating more damage to your hair when you dry them with heating products. Hairdryers and heating rods are good to get your desired hairstyle.

But using them on a frequent basis can damage your hair and evaporate all the moisture from them.

Instead, you can pat dry your hair to get your desired results.

Use Hair Protection Sprays

There are chances that you are living in a profession that demands unique hairstyles every now and then. If you cannot go without making a new hairstyle and drying your hair with a hairdryer, then you must use a protective layer on your hair.

These products form a layer that divides chemicals and heating from the surface of your hair. This will help you to reduce the damage caused by overheating.

Grow Hair Faster by Her Flawless Life

Again, these protecting layers are also a form of the chemical-based compound. You can treat this tip as a backup if you have no choice rather than applying chemicals or heating them.

Herbal Products for Hair Growth

The sad reality is that we are depending on chemical-based products in our daily life. This is not good at all.

The manufacturing companies of these chemical products are running a profitable business. They are interested in their profits other than providing you the best solution for your hair.

For the solution, you can change your traditional chemical-based products to herbal and organic-based products. Organic products are better in every aspect.

They are less harmful to your hair and bring more nutritional value to them.

Other than using herbal products on your hair, you can also use a homemade organic hair mask to give nourishment to your hair.

Silk Pillow Cover for Hair

Sleeping Woman by Her Flawless Life

Cotton fabric is capable of absorbing moisture from anything. The essential moisture present in your hair is good for hair growth.

Unfortunately, this moisture is absorbed by a cotton fabric pillow cover while you are sleeping in the night.

This is why you should always use a Silk pillow cover that is softer for your hair. Unlike cotton, silk doesn’t absorb moisture and essential oils from your hair.

Changing this one product on your bed can bring a big significance to your hair routine.

Don’t Wash Hair Daily

As you have already read above, your body creates natural hair oil that is present on your scalp. You have heard from almost every girl that shampooing daily can damage them.


What’s the science behind it? When you allow the natural oil to penetrate into the scalp, it creates natural moisture for hair. This is why experts recommend washing your hair a minimum of twice a week.

Drink Enough Water

Water Drinking Woman by Her Flawless Life

Water is the base of our body. It is always recommended to drink sufficient water every day to live a healthy and fit life.

For your hair, water helps to provide certain body temperatures to give a suitable condition for your hair to grow fast.

We recommend using this app to set water intaking reminders on your device. You can also use a measurable water bottle to log your water intake.

We also recommend you to drink water from a copper flask. Copper Water is healthy and provides the best value to your body.

Stress-Free Mind for Healthy Hair

Nail Biting Girl by Her Flawless Life

It is one of the common problems that you can find among all ages. Your work routine or daily hassles can create tension and stress in your life.

Taking stress is not beneficial at all and it has a lot of bad effects on your body. For example, you’ll lose your sleep cycle. Due to improper sleep, you’ll see dark circles and yellow eyes.

Not only on the skin but you will also see side effects of stress on your hair. Stress leads to dry hair. You can also experience a heavy hair fall condition. This is why you should focus on taking things in the right way and get rid of stress from your life.

Read our post on Stress Killing Habits to get rid of them and live a happy life.

Cover Hair from Sunlight

Sunlight Woman by Her Flawless Life

Sunlight is a good source of Vitamin D and it is highly beneficial for your body. But exposing your hair to direct sunlight can damage your hair.

Sunlight evaporates the moisture from your hair. This removal of moisture can create dryness and breakage of hair.

This is why you should always cover your hair with a silk cloth to protect it from direct sunlight. You should also cover it while traveling in an area with air pollution.

Final Thoughts on Grow Hair Faster

And that’s a wrap. Growing hair faster is easy if you know how to minimize hair damage due to pollution and provide sufficient hair growing environments to them. In case you think that the condition of your hair is getting worse, we highly recommend you to visit a hair specialist or a dermatologist, who can examine your hair to provide a customized solution.

These hair tips are filtered out after collecting information from several renowned magazines, medical expertise, and fashion stylists. I hope this post will help you to grow your hair faster at home.

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