Eyebrow Slits 101: Cat Scratch Eyebrow Trend + Perfect Tutorial Guide!

Eyebrow Slits Mega Guide by Her Flawless Life

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Every other girl wants Eyebrow Slits! The new trend of cutting a fake slit in your eyebrows is filling Instagram with viral images. Even celebrities are appreciating fake eyebrow slit looks in their movie roles.

If you are looking for a guide on how to get perfect eyebrow slits at home with the help of an electric razor, then you have landed in the right place. But have you ever wondered why Eyebrow Slits is getting so much hype?

Makeup artists, especially those highly active on Instagram, come with many unique ideas to try to look pretty naturally. Eyebrow slits got famous when GOT (Game of Thrones) cast Jason Momoa came up with an extraordinary face feature. The origin of Eyebrow Slits connects the history of the Gangsters or Mafia people who got this cut naturally during fights.

Later, Hollywood started showing their actors with razored cuts to achieve similar gangster looks. And this is how this trend became so fantastic for the people of the Internet.

Without wasting any further moment, lets discuss it further.

What is an Eyebrow Slit or Cat Scratch Eyebrow?

Attractive Girl Eyebrow Slit by Her Flawless Life

An Eyebrow Slit is a trending fashion style where a cut is marked with a razor to remove hair from the eyebrows diagonally. This look achieves a bold personality. Hollywood gangster movies brought up this trend and later adapted it as a fashion style by social media influencers. Girls are also getting eyebrow slits; thus, it is not limited to boys only.

Are Eyebrow Slits Attractive?

It entirely depends on the cultural and perspective factors. No doubt that Eyebrow Slits make you look like a Boss in the House. If you want to impact people with your personality, then you can go with the slits. However, eyebrow slits are not a good match to carry on your face in an ethenic fashion.

Do Eyebrow Slits Grow Back?

Eyebrow Slit Women by Her Flawless Life

Yes, but it takes time!

Unlike other body hair, Eyebrow Hair takes time to grow back. If you have used a razor to make the slit in your eyebrows, there are high chances of growing back faster. You can increase the length of the hair of your eyebrows from 2 weeks to one month. You can also boost your hair growth with simple tips to grow back your eyebrow slit.

In the case of using the plucking method for hair removal, it takes several months (2-5 months) to grow back your eyebrows in shape. As you have removed the hair from roots, you never know if it will grow back. So, you have to make sure that you are ready for the step. And for those who are ready, keep reading; this post is definitely for you.

Types of Eyebrow Slits or Cat Scratch Eyebrows

Luckily, we are living around creative people who cannot stop making one variation of eyebrow slits. As a result, we have got 3 significant types of eyebrow slits for men & women that you can try with your looks.

You can start with the first type, and then you can explore it further to achieve other variations. Here are the famous eyebrow slit types:

Single Eyebrow Slit

Single Eyebrow Slit by Her Flawless Life

Single Eyebrow Slit style is the first step to achieve this kind of look. It is effortless, and you can have it to fulfill your crazy style without crossing the limit of becoming a punk style model. You can do it on any side, but people always prefer to see it on your left eyebrow.

Double Eyebrow Slit

Double Eyebrow Slit Style by Her Flawless Life

Similar to the single ones, this style includes fake cutting 2 parallel slit lines to make your eyebrows look unique. This can be achieved with a simple and easy trick of making the first line with a free hand. Then you can create the second line with guidance to the first line. If you have thick eyebrows, a double type will suit you better.

Eyebrow Slit with Haircut

Eyebrow Slit with Hairstyle by Her Flawless Life

This is for the people who want to take their looks to the next level. You will probably think of making a fake eyebrow slit, but what about blending it with your hairstyle? Yes, you can actually merge those cuts with a cut line in your hairstyle to look super bomb all the time. Okay, girls cannot really do much with this option, but if you have a hairstyle like Strom Front from The Boys (Web Show by Amazon Prime), then you can definitely play with this kind of look.

Pierced Eyebrow Slits

Pierced Eyebrow Slit Look by Her Flawless Life

Getting a fake slit is enough for most people. But you can also take the game up by using piercing instead of cutting. You can use two beads around your eyebrow to achieve a similar-looking effect. Since its a bit of a painful process (and sort of complex, too), we dont really suggest you get these.

How to Do Eyebrow Slits at Home? (Fake Eyebrow Cuts)

For the readers who have made up their minds to finally have eyebrow slits, this section will help you get fake eyebrow slits at home. We always recommend making eyebrow slits under the supervision of someone. You cannot make a clean cut, and it is always recommended to get help from someone who has expertise in this field; your barber.

Anyhow, doing Cat Scratch Eyebrow at home is easy. Follow the steps or watch this video tutorial to do it on your own:

How to do Eyebrow Slits at Home by Her Flawless Life

Step 1: Brush your eyebrows outward with a spoolie. This will help your hair be in its proper position before getting rid of the selected portion of hair.

Step 2: You can use a white eyeliner, or you can simply paste two small pieces of tape across your eyebrows. Leave the gap for the cut between those two tapes.

Step 3: This is the time to make the fake eyebrow slits. Just use a razor or electric trimmer and hover it over the hair to remove them. You can pluck out left-out hair manually.

Step 4: Repeat the steps in case of a double eyebrow slit look. Dont make it closer to the ends; otherwise, it will look like a full cut.

Watch this video for a visual representation of all the steps.

See? It is simple to make eyebrow slits, and all you can do is enjoy your new looks. Show your new facial feature to your friends, and dont forget to tag us. I would love to see what you have created.

Final Thoughts on Eyebrow Slits Trend

Cutting fake slits on your eyebrows has become a status symbol for many teens, and you will also find gym freaks to adopt this unique look. The point is, are you ready to have eyebrow slit style for 2-5 months?

Growing them back takes time, and you shouldnt do it if you want to test things. Although you can use Instagram face filters to try the eyebrow slits effect to see how you will look after doing it.

And thats a wrap for this post. I hope you will love this post, and if you ask me, Im pretty happy with my natural eyebrows. Feel free to share this post with the people you love.

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