10 Best Couple Pose Trends on Instagram that you Must Try with your Partner!

Couple Pose Trends by Her Flawless Life

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You can never run out of Couple Poses Ideas if you are a daily reader of our blog. And to prove this promise, we’re back with 10 Unique and Best Couple Pose Trends on Instagram that You cannot Afford to Miss. These poses are easy to do and you can attract your followers easily.

These are the poses that are currently getting the biggest share of likes and comments on our lovely social media platform. And this is your moment to recreate these memories with your partner.

If you are a social media influencer then there are some tools that are must for your success:

And now, it’s time to see these…

10 Best Couple Pose trends on Instagram

Couple Poses for Instagram Pin by Her Flawless Life

You don’t have to look for other poses if you’ve not tried the following ones yet. These are the poses that are completely unique and you must have your memories in these couple poses. To be honest, you can see thousands of trendy poses and you have to start from somewhere.

Without wasting any further time, let’s begin…

Birds Eye View Couple Pose

Bird Eye View Couple Photo by Her Flawless Life

Sometimes, it’s not about changing your pose but all about changing the position and angle of your camera. Getting a Birds Eye View from your camera can give a beautiful perspective to the way you see your life.

You can ever do this in your bedroom and it will be a great time to just lie down with your partner and talking about the first time when you met him. Meanwhile, your cameraman is capturing those moments in the camera like an expert.

Couple Camera Photo Pose

Couple Photo Camera Idea by Her Flawless Life

This is a creative photo idea that you can do with anyone. As you can see in this image, this pose is one of the easiest looking pose that you can do with help of a friend. Just grab your partner and hold the camera of your smartphone in such a way that it can capture your memories.

Ask someone to click the photograph in such a way that the main focus should always be on the screen and you both are getting highlighted in the background. It’s easy and simple. Good Luck!

Double Exposure Couple Pose

Double Exposure Couple Photo by Her Flawless Life

This pose has something to with the editing process. The double exposure effects seem like a difficult one but it is one of the easiest effects to do in Photoshop. You can click different images together or single framed and then you can combine those images with sceneries and landscapes to get these surreal effects.

Watch this easy tutorial to learn the process of double expose in Photoshop:

See? It’s a lot easier than you thought it would be. Good luck! You can also use apps like Snapseed to achieve a similar result. But it will limit your creativity.

Flying Girl Couple Pose

Flying Girl Couple Pose by Her Flawless Life

This is another romantic pose that depicts a great chemistry between you and your partner. And to be quite honest, you cannot perform this kind of pose in an urban area. You can experiment this into street photography if you want but it has all the essence of freedom and nature.

So, that makes it one of the must-have photo couple pose on this list.

Indoor Candid Couple Pose

Indoor Candid Couple Pose by Her Flawless Life

Nothing is more beautiful than capturing your candid and random memories without your own knowing. The best part about these photos is that even you don’t know which pose you will create. Get help of a cameraman or just set your phone or camera on a tripod and set an auto capture mode with a 5 second of interval.

Then forget the camera and do what you do with your partner. Show some great chemistry by doing daily stuff like making breakfast and playing around the house.

Inverted Back Lift Couple Pose

Inverted Back Lift Couple Pose by Her Flawless Life

When your partner lifts you like a bean bag, it’s normal. But when you lift him like a strong women, this shows an another level of chemistry between the two of you. If you have followed some movie posters lately, you will see a similar looking pose where the girl is lifting the boy.

This inverted lift is getting into the trends chart and you cannot afford to miss this pose. And we personally believe that every girl must be strong enough to lift her partner. If you cannot lift him for long, get help with a stool or something. It’s just a matter of a few seconds unless you both fall on the ground.

Kissing View Couple Pose

Kissing View Couple Pose by Her Flawless Life

Who doesn’t love kisses? If you have ever seen the romantic posters of Paris, you have already know the theme behind this pose. Couples who travel a lot can try this adorable pose where you kiss your partner in front of a beautiful view. It can be some sort of scenery of monument that is famous among the globe.

You can remove other people from the scenery with help of Photoshop. If you love to edit photographs, then having a Photoshop subscription is must for you. This is worth your money. Now grab your partner and be ready for a beautiful and memorable kiss.

Cliche Muscle Lift Couple Pose

Muscle Lift Couple Pose by Her Flawless Life

If you’ve raised by watching typical Hollywood movies, then you can relate to this cliché muscle lift pose that boys do to show their masculinity. While this is one of the most common pose for men and women, it still holds all the charge.

Clicking photo in this pose is pretty simple. Boys have to lift girls on their shoulder while swinging them like a trophy for some sort of war victory. Have candid shots and you are good to go.

Outdoor Bed Time Couple Pose

Open Bed Time Couple Pose by Her Flawless Life

A lot of influencers on Instagram are sharing the level of easiness and pros of building a passive income business to gain a lot of followers. To be quite honest, these kind of pictures are necessary to give a personalized experience to the followers.

You can set it in a balcony and be ready for some cozy moments with your partner. You can use a tripod or a cameraman, if you are comfortable with someone removing your clothes off.

You can add rose petals to create a romantic theme in the photo. It’s fun to try and you can have great memories for your album. Remember, it’s still a dream for many.

Unique Urban Energetic Couple Pose

Unique Urban Couple Photo Pose by Her Flawless Life

Sometimes. you need to set some bold rules by showing the strength of your relationship. If you find some sort of street or urban location, trying different and unique poses like this jump can help you to capture something extraordinary.

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You also need to focus on high shutter speed for these kinds of shots. High shutter speed will capture your movements in crisp quality. A dedicated DSLR camera is recommended for these kind of shots. Again, for high shutter speeds, you also need great lighting to make it look bright enough to send it further for editing and color grading.

Use Orange Urban Style color grading to make it look damn good.

Final Thoughts on Couple Poses

There are no limits when it comes to click those beautiful memories with your partner. We went through various profiles on Instagram and on the Internet to gather these unique couple poses trends and ideas for you. Try them with your partner and tag us on Instagram to get a feature post.

We hope that this post will help you in some way. Good luck for your next photoshoot. If you like this post then show your love by sharing it with your friends and family.

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