30 Days Coffin Nails Challenge: Coffin Nail Ideas that are Hard to Make!

Coffin Nails Collection by Her Flawless Life

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Are you a Nail Fashion enthusiast? Having long coffin nails is just half the part. The real fun begins when you start decorating your nails with different nail polishes and decorative things.

So, for all the nail art lovers, we have made this 30 Days Coffin Nails Challenge that you can take to give your hands a new look every day for a whole month.

Isn’t that exciting?

You can match your nail art with your favorite dress, and you’ll be Instagram ready within seconds. But first, let’s start with the basics…

What are Coffin Nails?

Coffin Nails are Ballerina Nails but with a square shape at the end instead of a pointing shape. These are signature nails of a famous celebrity – Kylie Jenner, and you can see these nails in current fashion trends.

Coffin Nails Designs by Her Flawless Life

These nails are getting popular with the usage of social media sites like Instagram. You can follow the Nail Care Guide to maintain a proper coffin nail shape with easy efforts.

What do you need for Coffin Nail Designs?

At first it looks like you need 8 hours of back to back nail polish coatings over your nails to achieve these kind of results. If you are new to the world of Nail Art & Design category, then you’ll feel a little worried about the time consumed in it.

But, in reality, it takes not more than 20 minutes a day to get these results if you practice it over a month. And to be quite honest, it’s all about having the right tools for these coffin nails designs.

Things you need for these Coffin Nail Designs:

First thing first, you need fake nail extensions if you don’t have long coffin nails shape. These plastic nails are easy to stick and you can wear them over your nails to get the results.

This is a must-have thing for every nail enthusiast. More colors are equal to more creative nails.

Nail Stickers are optional but come in handy when you want to get quick results. Add it with a Nail Polish Shiner and you’ll have beautiful looking nails in no time.

32 Coffin Nails Designs to Inspire You

Finally, it’s time to see these nail art inspirations. If you have guts, try coping all of them and tell us in the comment section about your experience.

Let’s begin…

Steampunk Copper Coffin Nails

Copper Coffin Nails Idea by Her Flawless Life

We are starting this list with one of the hardest nail art on this post. This is a great looking nail design that is perfect for all those boss babes on the Internet. Show you bold side with fire and smoke effect.

Summer Coffin Shape Nails

Yellow Nail Art Design by Her Flawless Life

Summers are coming and it’s the perfect time for you to try this simple yet amazing looking nail design. Yellow is the color of fun and you can make your summer exciting with this nail design.

Yellow Stone Nail Design Idea

Yellow Coffin Nails by Her Flawless Life

Another entry to the shades of hotness. This is something advance where you make gradient of yellow and transparent color with some silver stones. Perfect for long rides in summer.

Red Winter Nail Art

Winter Red Coffin Nails by Her Flawless Life

For all those winter and Christmas lovers, this is your chance to show your cool looks with this red and glittery nail design. It’s easy to make and you can always show off in your friends.

Christmas Nail Glitter Art

Winter Coffin Nail Design by Her Flawless Life

Who loves winter more than you when you have this nail design with your favorite white sweater? It’s perfect for all those fantasy loving girls and always grab attention in the first glance.

Simple Butterfly Nail Art

White Butterfly Coffin Nail Design by Her Flawless Life

If you are looking for something less challenging then this nail art can be your perfect match. All you need is a white nail polish with some butterfly nail stickers and top coat to get shiny nails.

Nude Fashion Stone Nail Art

Stone Coffin Nail Design by Her Flawless Life

Nude colors are in fashion and if you are looking for something in this category then you should definitely try making this nail design at home. It’s simple, just use base nude coat with white doodle and sticky stones on your nails.

Steampunk Holy Nail Art

Steampunk Yellow Coffin Nails by Her Flawless Life

For all those girls who love to show their belief in God, this can be the perfect nail art design that you can make. Draw it with hands or use sticky decorative stones, that’s completely up to you.

Golden or Silver Glitter Nail Design

Silver Glitter Coffin Nail by Her Flawless Life

This is perfect match for those who want to maintain a balance between minimalism and fashionable trends. Being a perfect nail art for any occasion and party, this coffin nail design deserves to be on this list.

Red Glitter Nail Art

Red Glitter Coffin Nails by Her Flawless Life

Do you love sparkling glitters more than anything? Well, this can be your choice for street style fashion looks. Get glittery red nail polish or use adhesive with glitter to get this kind of look.

Winter Purple Nail Paint Design

Purple Coffin Nails by Her Flawless Life

Another addition to the category of winter nail designs. You can try this nail design at home with matte purple nail polish and glossy white nail paint. Sprinkle nail paint on white to get the effect that you see on the index finger.

Pink Glitter Nail Design

Premium Pink Nail Design by Her Flawless Life

This is a personal favorite coffin nail design on this list and looks creative with almost all kinds of dresses. Just look at the golden stripes that add premium looks to this nail design. A perfect ten start nail idea for any girl.

Minimalistic Pink Nail Design

Pink Stone Coffin Nails by Her Flawless Life

This is so beautiful and easy to make. As you can see in the image, just apply pink glossy nail paint on rest of the fingers. For the stone part, use adhesive stones and stick them gently on your finger nails.

Orange Abstract Nail Art

Pink Orange Pattern Nail Idea by Her Flawless Life

This nail art is perfect for those who want to look mature and fashionable at the same time. Being an abstract looking nail design, this gives some wild feelings.

White Pink Gradient Nail Art

Pink Grey Gradient Nail by Her Flawless Life

This is simple and if you are someone who is in love then this nail art is going express your love in a unique way. Just get a pair of nail polish and let your magic do the things.

Pink & Golden Nail Design

Pink Golden Coffin Nails by Her Flawless Life

Another highly recommended nail art design on this list. It is a perfect match for wedding ceremony and other such occasions. Use adhesives and sprinkle golden glitter on your nails to get the results.

Pink Heart Nail Art

Pink Glittery Coffin Nail by Her Flawless Life

Pink will always be an evergreen color for every girl. Just look at those cute heart shaped decorative that will shine whenever you will take selfies. Go ahead!

Flower Stones Nail Design

Pink Flower White Coffin Nails by Her Flawless Life

This is one of the feminine looking nail paint design that you can get with easy brush strokes. It’s easy to make, just have pink and transparent gradient and use cotton earbud to make flower petals. Add stones to give the final touch.

Cloudy Butterfly Nail Design

Pink Butterfly Ring Hand by Her Flawless Life

Take Butterfly Nail Stickers and stick them over the base layer of pink. The clouds are optional but adds a great texture to the nail. Use top coat on nails to get glossy look.

Plain Nail Polish

Pink Fade Plain Nails by Her Flawless Life

We have put this on purpose here. You’ve read this post so far and we think your mind need a break from all those flashy nail designs. Now, the good news is that you can use this plain nail concept along with finger jewelry to look amazing.

Dusky Pink Nail Art

Pink Abstract Nail Design by Her Flawless Life

This is just perfect. The best thing that you can give to your nails is this abstract smoke texture of pink and red. Wear it and show it off among all your friends. You can also use these stickers with a shining coat to get it in 5 minutes.

Cyberpunk Nail Art

Peach Golden Nail Design by Her Flawless Life

If you have a partner who has a special space for video games in his life, then he can tell you about the disaster of cyberpunk game. While the game went into trash, it left a new steampunk look for fashion lovers. Try this nail design and get a funny reaction from everyone.

Pink Blue Butterfly Nail Design

Long Butterfly Coffin Nails by Her Flawless Life

This coffin nail design is here due to its irregular and unique design on over finger. By taking it as a reference, you can decorate your coffin nails with such kind of designs.

Golden Nude Nail Design

Golden Crème Coffin Nails by Her Flawless Life

If you are a fashion lover, you already know about the popularity of nude colored coffin nails. You can match these colors with golden and pink glitter to get unique designs for your coffin nails.

Boss Babe Nail Design

Golden Pink Nail Art by Her Flawless Life

This is dope! You cannot make anything better than this and we would love to take a moment to appreciate the creativity of the designer. Combination of pink and gold jewelry is looking damn cool.

Neon Pink Glossy Nail Art

Glossy Pink Coffin Nails by Her Flawless Life

You have seen all kinds of pink nail polishes but this color has something special in it. It’s super reflective metal based nail polish that gives great and unforgettable looks to your hands.

Purple Crystals Nail Concept

Glittery Coffin Nails by Her Flawless Life

Purple Crystal Nail Design is another variant of pink glitter nail art on this list. To get this design, you can coat purple nail polish on your coffin nails and use adhesive and decorative glitters. Don’t forget to apply shine coat on your coffin nails.

Pink Glitter White Nail Design

Glitter Premium Coffin Nails by Her Flawless Life

We highly recommend this nail art design for your coffin nails and we think you should definitely try this once in your life time. Pin this image, download, or do whatever and save it for future.

Royal Green Golden Nail Art

Dark Green Coffin Nail by Her Flawless Life

This is something unique on this list. You can buy Dark Green Nail Polish from this link and combine it with these golden addons to achieve these looks. Best of the best coffin nails idea on this list.

Colorful Butterflies Nail Design

Colorful Butterfly Nail Art by Her Flawless Life

You can easily tell by seeing this image that the nails in this image are fake extensions. Use acrylic or plastic-based nails and stick butterfly stickers with a top coat of shiner.

Shades of Brown Nail Design

Brown Shade Nail Idea by Her Flawless Life

Sometimes it’s not about the design, but about how you make contrast. As in this photo, you can clearly see that by using matte nail polish and different shades, you can achieve this perfect nail looks.

Blue Nail Sticker Idea

Blue Butterfly Nail Design by Her Flawless Life

Unlike Pink, you can go with other lights colors like blue, white, nude colors, and matte purple. Combine these base layers with your preferred style of sticker and top coat of transparent shiner.

Final Thoughts on Coffin Nails

Making these nail designs is fun and you can always take inspiration from these coffin nail design ideas. It’s a wrap for this post and we hope that this post will help you to get a new look every day.

We are interested to see you coming with unique styles on Instagram. You can always tag us to get a chance for winning our monthly giveaway. Good luck!

Follow us on Pinterest to get the latest updates. Keep coming back to read more great stuff, buh bye.

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