16 BTS Wallpapers for Mobile to Show your BTS Love!

BTS Wallpapers by Her Flawless Life

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Finding a good BTS wallpaper for your phone can be tough if you are busy listening to your song every minute. We cannot deny that BTS has made a big fanbase worldwide. From kids to teen girls, everyone is plugging their latest songs in the ears.

Download these BTS Wallpapers and show your love.

If you are a die-hard fan of BTS too, then you must check out these BTS Phone Wallpapers to charge up your experience with new beats with every unlock.

In this post, I’ve shared these amazing wallpapers that I’ve personally selected from the internet. Let’s see how you can download them with one click.

Download BTS Wallpapers Zip File

So, for your ease, I’ve made a zip file for all the wallpapers. It’s just a 3.77MB file that you can download with one click.

See? It’s that simple to have them. By the way, you can scroll further to check out these wallpapers individually.

How to unzip the file?

It’s pretty simple. Nowadays, your file manager comes with a zip extracting feature in-built. You can click on the file and choose ‘extract’ or ‘extract here’ to get it done.

Let’s get to the BTS Wallpapers gallery…

Who is BTS?

BTS Wallpapers Pin by Her Flawless Life

BTS is a Korean pop group band that is made up of seven members who all belong to South Korea.

BTS launched and took the first step towards their global stardom in the year 2013. BTS stands for “The Bangton Boys” and was initially made up of “Bang Tan Sonyeondan”. It means Bulletproof Boy Scouts. Let’s see the band members…

Who are Members of BTS?

Rapmon: Leader and Lead Rapper

Jin: Vocalist

Suga: Rapper

J-Hope: Rapper and Lead Dancer

Jimin: Main Vocalist

V: Vocalist

Jungkook: Dancer and Vocalist

What’s the best part about being their fan? You’ll become a member of The BTS Army. Now, the fan theory says Army in context to BTS means Adorable Representative M. C. for Youth.

Cute BTS Wallpapers in HD for iPhone and Android!

The Internet is full of all kinds of images about BTS and its members. You can see them performing on stage, modeling for their next album, or just some candid photographs for social media.

But these are the best ones that I have picked and made into a Zip file. I have already shared a download button above. And you will get the same download button after these images. Enjoy

BTS Wallpaper Gallery

Final Thoughts

All I can say that if you are a true fan of BTS and you love setting their wallpapers on your mobile, then this is the perfect pose for you.

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