12 Blue Nail Design Ideas for Cool Looks! (Easy & Trendy Ideas)

Blue Nail Designs by Her Flawless Life

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Having beautiful nails is a great thing to show off and when it comes to deciding the perfect nail design for your looks, things get little confusing. Nail art designs are becoming more creative and with every passing second, new nail design ideas are flooding Instagram like crazy.

In this scenario, we are back with a list of 12 Beautiful and Elegant Blue Nail Designs for your hands. You’ll feel way better by wearing these nail designs.

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Without wasting any further time, let’s take a look at what you will need to get these beautiful blue nails at home…

Things You Need for Blue Nail Designs

When you see these images, only blue nail polish comes to your mind. That’s natural and somewhat half the process. You need more than just a nail paint shade for your new blue nails looks.

First of all, it’s a must for everyone to have this DIY Nail Designing Kit for every girl. Other than that, you can have Blue Nail Polish from a good brand and some fake nail extensions to get your desired look.

You have it? Good, let’s look at these blue nails design ideas…

12 Blue Nail Art Ideas for Beautiful Hands

Blue Nails Designs by Her Flawless Life

And here we come. To make it easy for you, we’ve selected these blue nail design ideas. As these are now on your fingertips, you can focus on making them.

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We’ve also credited Instagram profiles of these images. Feel free to explore them on Instagram.

And here we go…

Blue Transparent Gradient Nail Idea

Blue Transparent Nail Paint by Her Flawless Life
Instagram Credits: bornprettystore

This blue and transparent gradient idea is perfect for the girls with elegant style. The best part about this nail design is that you can have it both with formal and casual outfits. It is simple to make. You just need to use a cotton swab to give it a fading look.

You can also use color changing nail polishes with help of UV light.

It’s perfect for minimalism lovers.

Mystery Night Nail Design

Mystery Night Blue Nail by Her Flawless Life
Instagram Credits: bornprettystore

Aren’t you getting Arabian Nights vibes from this nail design? This is a perfect nail paint idea for girls who want to get everyone’s attention with their long nails.

Not having long nails? Don’t worry, you can use fake nails extensions to get this height for your nails and they are super easy to wear with a nail glue.

PS. – It will be cheaper to have your own fake nails rather than visiting your nearest beauty parlor to spend every time you want a new look.

Simple Blue Nail Idea

Simple Blue Nail Art by Her Flawless Life
Instagram Credits: biosculpturenailsdanelee

This is the most easiest design that you can make with blue, black, and a nude colored nail polish. Just get your brush, draw something similar to this or you can draw from your own creative mind.

And don’t limit yourself with these colors as you can go with something different like white and grey. Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram. We would love to see your creativity.

Elegant Blue & Pink Nail Design

Blue Peach Nail Polish by Her Flawless Life
Instagram Credits: bornprettystore

Girls who have a good taste in fashion can tell that this blue nail idea is a perfect match for anybody looking for nail design inspiration. It’s simple, easy to make and you can perform your daily activities without worrying about your nails.

Just get two shades of complimentary colors and something glittery to add a personal touch. And here you go, girl!

Denim Check Nail Design

Denim Check Blue Nail by Her Flawless Life
Instagram Credits: bornprettystore

Another nail sticker on this list. You can find these solid or pattern-based nail stickers on Amazon easily. The best part about them is that you don’t need to make arrangements for design and everything. Just stick them and cut them according to the shape of your nails.

Click here to get to the product page.

Butterfly Nail Sticker Idea

Butterfly Blue Nails by Her Flawless Life
Instagram Credits: bornprettystore

You can clearly see in the image that these are transparent fake nails that you can wear with sticky nail glue. The girl has decorated them with big butterfly nail stickers and a layer of nail polish shiner at top of it.

It is quick to make and makes you Instagram ready.

Silver Blue Nail Idea

Blue Silver Nail Design by Her Flawless Life
Instagram Credits: bornprettystore

Ah, what a perfect color combination! This is a personal favorite blue nail design on this list. To achieve this look, you need blue nail polish, a light pink one, and silver nail paint.

Apply them as seen in the image and you are good to go!

Blue Flower Nail Idea

Blue Plant Nails by Her Flawless Life
Instagram Credits: bornprettystore

Okay, this can sound like one of the hardest blue nail paint design on this list. As an alternative, you can use nail stickers over base layer of blue color. And then apply a nail polish shiner to make it look natural. But, in this particular photograph, it is drawn with help of nail paints and brush.

Can you make something similar? Let’s see what you make with it.

Blue Gradient Nails with Stone

Blue Pink Nail Design by Her Flawless Life
Instagram Credits: bornprettystore

This nail design is a similar looking concept to the first one in the list. We have kept it here to show you how you can improve it and make it look more beautiful by adding sticky stones on your nails.

Best way to do it is by using a sticky nail glue that is used to stick plastic-made nails for extension. We don’t recommend sticky stones as they are made for arts & craft, and get lose on the surface of your nails.

Pink & Blue Nail Design

Blue Nails Summer Design by Her Flawless Life
Instagram Credits: bornprettystore

It’s elegant and classy! Get this nail design by simply drawing diagonal strokes and then applying a layer of transparent nail paint to get a thicker look.

You can also use nail stickers to get unique looking designs, as shown in the photo.

Cartoon Blue Nail Idea

Blue Nail Sticker by Her Flawless Life
Instagram Credits: bornprettystore

At first glance, you’ll think that it is tough to have this kind of nail art on your nails but the reality is somewhat different. In this image, the model is using nail stickers to achieve this kind of design and results.

The best part about these nail stickers is that you can achieve anything no matter how complicated a design looks. Get Nail Stickers at Affordable Prices and use them to get new looks.

Abstract Blue Nail Idea

Abstract Blue Nail Design by Her Flawless Life
Instagram Credits: bornprettystore

This abstract blue nail design is perfect for those who want to get a look that matches both with formal as well as casual looks. You can make this design by crushing a tissue on your wet nail paint to achieve this look.

Mind that you’ll also need to apply a transparent coat of nail polish to give a shiny look.


And that’s a wrap! Don’t limit yourself to these ideas only. Explore the world of fashion on social media platforms and you’ll transform yourself into something gorgeous.

We hope that this post will help you to find your nail design inspirations. Follow us on Pinterest to get the latest updates.

Keep coming back to read more such content, buh bye.

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