Bird Tattoo Ideas: 24 Beautiful Phoenix Bird Tattoos for Girls!

Best Bird Tattoo Ideas by Her Flawless Life

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Getting tattoos on your body can be really amazing experience and that’s what makes your body look unique among your friends and family. Just like you have love for fashionable clothes, reflecting art on your skin can also make you look utterly beautiful.

In this post, we’ve compiled a list of 24 Best Bird Tattoo Ideas for Girls who are eager to show their girly side. These tattoos are hand-picked and voted by 5 members of our creative group. This is why you can rely on these bird tattoo ideas.

Also, you need to maintain your body skin in a healthy way to make your tattoo look more beautiful. You can eat these foods for skin glow to make sure your skin compliments your tattoo choice.

Remember that you cannot get rid of a permanent tattoo easily. We always recommend you to try a temporary sticky tattoo and wear it for 3-4 days before imprinting the permanent one.

Good Luck…

24 Lucky Bird Tattoos for Boosting your Charm

Best Bird Tattoos for Girls by Her Flawless Life

We have spent hours on the internet to find these beautiful bird tattoos for you. Feel free to explore.

You can also send us yours and we will feature it here.

Let’s begin…

Wild Parrot Bird Tattoo

Wild Parrot Tattoo by Her Flawless Life

For the girls who want to explore a wild and adventures life, this red parrot tattoo is going to be your lucky charm on those tropical beaches. You need guts to make it happen due to its large size.

Humming Bird Sketch Tattoo

Sketch Humming Bird Tattoo by Her Flawless Life

If you are a free-art lover then this humming bird rough sketch can be your daily dose of blissful life. Just have it and focus on your professional life like a charm.

Simple Love Birds Tattoo

Simple Bird Tattoo by Her Flawless Life

What happens when you combine big meanings to small symbols? This tattoo is going to be the exact match for this kind of case. These love birds are so cute.

Minimalistic Bird Lines Tattoo

Simple Bird Line Tattoo by Her Flawless Life

Free-form art has no limits and this tattoo is proving it to the 100%. Just look at the simplicity and uniqueness in one frame.

Phoenix Bird Tattoo Idea

Phoenix Bird Tattoo by Her Flawless Life

If you love the fantasy bird Phoenix (probably from Harry Potter), then this is going to be a great bird tattoo idea for you. It’s small and perfectly blends with every type of personality.

Musical Bird Tattoo

Musical Bird Tattoo by Her Flawless Life

Music is in the air and you can get this musical bird on your skin to let your inner artist feel every moment. Can you hear that pleasant jazz music? Just get it.

Mockingjay Back Bird Tattoo

Mockingjay Bird Back Tattoo by Her Flawless Life

Getting a Back Tattoo makes you look super gorgeous and showing your body on an exotic beach is not less than a scene from an action movie. You should definitely get it.

Simple Bird Conceptual Tattoo

Minimalistic Bird Tattoo Small by Her Flawless Life

For all those girls who want minimalism in life, this bird tattoo is going to be a perfect choice for you. It’s the most simple on this list.

Minimalist Bird Hollow Tattoo

Minimalist Bird Tattoo by Her Flawless Life

What else can replace those colorful tattoos on this list for the sake of minimalism and simplicity? The answer is in front of your eyes. It’s so adorable and compliments every skin tone.

Blue Bird Waist Tattoo

Korean Bird Tattoo by Her Flawless Life

If you don’t want anything flashy at all, then this simple colorful bird tattoo can help you to get your unique look. It’s easy to draw and looks really peaceful.

Flying Birds Waist Tattoo

Flying Birds Waist Tattoo by Her Flawless Life

This tattoo can be the best way to show your beautiful body. These flying birds help in building a strong personality and you can show your physique in a unique way.

Fly High Wrist Bird Tattoo

Fly High Bird Tattoo by Her Flawless Life

You can let your thoughts fly high in the sky with this tattoo. You’ll love this tattoo and it will help you to motivate in your low times.

Fighter Bird Motivational Tattoo

Fighter Bird Tattoo Motivational by Her Flawless Life

Every tattoo tells a meaning and story behind it and this is going to be a great tattoo if your personality has a fighter trait in it. Rise and shine and show them who is the real boss.

Dancing Swan Bird Tattoo

Dancing Swan Bird Tattoo by Her Flawless Life

This is another motivational tattoo on this list. For all the dancing passion seekers, this dancing swan can be a lucky charm for you.

Cute Humming Bird Waist Tattoo

Cute Flower Bird Tattoo by Her Flawless Life

At first, we thought that it’s a waist. But when you look closer, it’s actually an arm and shoulder. But you can get this tattoo in a bigger scale on your waist as well.

Shoulder Bird Tattoo Small

Cute Butterfly & Bird Tattoo by Her Flawless Life

You cannot resist yourself from these cute looking colorful tattoos. Just show this image to your tattoo artist and ask her to do something magical on your body.

Humming Bird Shoulder Tattoo

Colorful Humming Birt Tattoo by Her Flawless Life

Wearing Off-Shoulder dresses can be super adorable with these kind of cute humming birds on your skin. You can go with one color or colorful, just like this one.

Blue Little Bird Tattoo

Blue Bird Tattoo by Her Flawless Life

Cute Blue Humming Bird is what makes you super special and getting this tattoo on your arm can make you look adorable. You can also get a similar looking temporary tattoos easily.

Travel Freak Leg Bird Tattoo

Blue Bird Leg Tattoo by Her Flawless Life

For all the travel freaks, getting a tattoo on your leg is a dream. You can make it true by getting this flying bird on your leg. Happy Journey!

Blue Bird Back Tattoo

Blue Bird Back Tattoo by Her Flawless Life

This rough impression of blue bird is going to look mysterious and great. It gives you a tribal look and that’s what makes it a must-have on this list.

Feather Bird Tattoo

Bird Feather Tattoo by Her Flawless Life

Don’t limit yourself to birds only when you can get this beautiful blue feather tattoo on your wrist and on your shoulder to show the fantasy lover and creative person inside you.

Beautiful Bird Waist Tattoo

Beautiful Waist Bird Tattoo by Her Flawless Life

If you are looking for something bigger than the average size, then this waist tattoo can be a good choice. You can also get it on your back and on your thighs.

Adorable Bird Tattoo for Back

Beautiful Mockingjay Bird Tattoo by Her Flawless Life

Look at this adorable colorful tattoo for your shoulder. This is so beautiful that you can show it with an off-shoulder dress and people around you are going to love it.

Small Freedom Bird Tattoo

Be Free Bird Tattoo by Her Flawless Life

Free your soul with this motivational freedom conceptual bird tattoo for your shoulder and wrist. You can also get it on your leg if you want to feel like a professional traveler.

Final Thoughts on Bird Tattoos

Having a tattoo on your body makes you super special among your friends and family. Always remember that permanent tattoos are hard to remove and you should always think about it.

Choose your skin tattoo wisely and when you are sure, just go for it.

We also recommend you invest more money by hiring a professional tattoo artist who is an expert in his field to get the best results.

We hope that this post will help you to decide and motivate for your next tattoo.

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