Ombre Nails 101: How to Design Ombre Nails at Home + 30 Ideas!

Best Ombre Nails Ideas for Girls by Her Flawless Life

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Ombre Nails are setting new trends and girls are going crazy to get them. Don’t you believe me?

Last week, I uploaded a photo on our Pinterest profile. It was a simple pink ombre nail design. To your amazement, it got 12K saves in one week. So, I decided to write a dedicated post on How to Do Ombre Nails at home. Yes, creating a beautiful french ombre nail design is pretty simple and anyone without knowledge in the nail art industry can do it.

In this post, I will share with you some glimpses of how to achieve the perfect nail design every time and which colors are getting into trends. I want to keep it simple and beginner-friendly for you.

So, here’s a deal…

This post will go from easiest to hardest ombre nails. In other words, if you want to challenge your artistic levels, scroll to the bottom of the page.

What are Ombre Nails?

Ombre Nails is a nail art technique that involves cross-fading two colors to create a gradient on your nails. The most common ombre nail design is the French Manicure Ombre Nail with white and pink color to create beautiful looking nails.

Pink Ombre Nails by Her Flawless Life

You may have seen this kind of style before as it is very popular among nail artists and Instagram models. Apart from simple ombre nails, the professionals also add an extra layer of creativity by using sticky stones, nail stickers, and shaping their nails in edge cut to achieve Ombre Coffin Nails.

How to Do Ombre Nails in Easy Way?

Let me say it, every technique looks hard at first glance and it’s the ‘Practice’ that makes you a master of any skill. I’ve learned this ombre nail design, and I’m sure that you will love it when you decorate your nails to match your beautiful brunch outfits.

There are many methods to do ombre nails at home and I’ve personally like one over the other. I’ll share all the methods and it’s completely on you. No hard rules to stick with the method that someone likes. You should always remember that ‘End Result’ is what should matter always.

How to do Ombre Nails with Sponge?

This is the method that involves using a piece of sponge to create the gradient effect on your nail. Here are the simple steps to do it –

Step 1: Clean your nails and use a nail buffer to smoothen the upper part of your nail. Get rid of all the dirt and unwanted cell growth around your nails. A simple home manicure routine will do a perfect job here.

Step 2: Cut a piece of sponge (size enough to cover your nail length) and keep it in reach. Apply the base coat (amazon link) on your nails to make sure you achieve quality results.

Step 3: Pain 2-3 color strokes on the sponge. You can also overlap the strokes to make it look like a smooth cross-fade. Blot (press against nails) sponge to transfer the shaded color to nails. You need to do it more than one time to get the perfect color shades.

Step 4: Add a topcoat (amazon link) on your nails to finish up everything. We also recommend applying cuticle oil to re-moisturize the skin around your nails.

You can also follow along with this video to see how to get beautiful ombre nails in no time:

If you are fed up with cutting all the sponges in the house and wasting them every time, just like me, you will love the next method.

How to Do Ombre Nails without Sponge?

This is the easiest method that I personally like and you don’t need to play with messy sponges aiming at your dustbin. So, in order to do this, you need cotton earbuds, or a soft bristle brush (a spare makeup brush will do the work).

Step 1: Clean your nails and apply a base coat to prepare it for the effect.

Step 2: Paint your nail with the base color from the starting of your nail to the middle. Let it dry completely.

Step 3: Paint the overlay color starting from the end of the nail to the middle. Before it dries, use a cotton earbud or brush to wipe the middle line with horizontal movements. And then move your earbud or brush vertically to achieve a smooth fade effect.

Step 4: Use a top coat to make your nail glossy. That’s it.

Still, confused? Watch this simple step by step video to see how it is done:

Wondering about the glittery nail designs? Check out this…

How to Glitter Ombre Nail with Easy Method?

Apart from french ombre nails and the latest ombre nail color ideas (that you will find after this section), Glitter Ombre Nails is a new trend that all the girls are doing. The most common occasion for these types of nails is parties or wedding ceremonies where you want to match the sparkling effect of nails along with your dress.

In this section, you will learn the easy method to do glitter ombre nails with glitter nail polish at home. Follow the method:

Step 1: Clean your nails, remove all the dead skin cells, and add a base coat to protect your nails.

Step 2: Apply a solid layer of color (dark colors are preferred to help glitters sparkling) and let it dry completely.

Step 3: Use a Glittery Nail Paint (amazon link) and start applying it from the middle to the end of the nail. Let it dry, and add another denser layer of glitter at the end. Let it dry and add more glitter on the tip of the nails if necessary.

Step 4: Add the Top Layer to protect glitters from falling off. Ta-Da!

Also, refer to this video tutorial of glitter ombre nails at home:

When I wasn’t aware of these simple techniques, decorating nails was one of the toughest tasks for me. But, the time has changed me and I think every girl should start learning basic nail styling tips to get the best effect.

So, that was the first part. Now we will see ombre nail ideas to get inspiration for your next design…

30 Ombre Nail Design Ideas to Copy at Home

It is a good habit to see other people and their creations to get inspiration. Another thing that inspires me all the time is – visiting Pinterest to see nail ideas. If you are a returning reader on Her Flawless Life, then you might have already read my posts about Summer Nail Ideas and Marble Nail Ideas.

I’ve gone through many ombre coffin nails and these are my best picks. I hope you will like them all.

So, head over to these designs and let me know if you find them helpful in the comment section below. And here we go…

Pink Ombre Nails (Pink and White)

When it comes to this style, Pink and White Ombre Nail Designs are the most popular gradient among all the girls. You can also blend pink with transparent if you have fake acrylic nail extensions.

Best Ombre Nails 24 by Her Flawless Life
Best Ombre Nails 22 by Her Flawless Life
Best Ombre Nails 21 by Her Flawless Life

In the above image, you can see how elegant it makes with just two colors fading in the middle.

Purple Ombre Nails

Purple is the next favorite color after pink for most of girls and you can see these inspirations to get some really beautiful ideas.

Best Ombre Nails 14 by Her Flawless Life
Best Ombre Nails 12 by Her Flawless Life
Best Ombre Nails 11 by Her Flawless Life
Best Ombre Nails 17 by Her Flawless Life

This Pink and Purple Ombre Nails blend is looking royal.

Black Ombre Nails

For all those strong personalities and Halloween lovers, Black and Red Ombre Nails ideas are here. You can also combine black with transparent.

Best Ombre Nails 33 by Her Flawless Life
Best Ombre Nails 30 by Her Flawless Life
Best Ombre Nails 8 by Her Flawless Life
Best Ombre Nails 4 by Her Flawless Life
Best Ombre Nails 7 by Her Flawless Life

Oh my god! Ever thought someone will create this amazing full-moon effect on nails? It’s gorgeous.

Blue Ombre Nails

If you are getting ready for the winter season, it’s best to go with cool colors like blue. Find your best nail inspirations here.

Best Ombre Nails 19 by Her Flawless Life
Best Ombre Nails 13 by Her Flawless Life
Best Ombre Nails 15 by Her Flawless Life
Best Ombre Nails 9 by Her Flawless Life

That’s a darker shade of blue, may be Indigo? Well, it serves the purpose.

Glitter Ombre Nails

As I’ve said before, glittery nails are all over the Internet. You can create your own designs by seeing these glitter ombre nail ideas.

Best Ombre Nails 23 by Her Flawless Life
Best Ombre Nails 18 by Her Flawless Life
Best Ombre Nails 20 by Her Flawless Life

Pink and silver glitter works perfect and makes you look more beautiful.

Brown Ombre Nails

Brown is somewhat a little uncommon color unless you go with nude shades. But, for those who love glossy brown color, here are your takes.

Best Ombre Nails 10 by Her Flawless Life
Best Ombre Nails 16 by Her Flawless Life
Best Ombre Nails 6 by Her Flawless Life

Sparking effect can create a depth effect in your nails. Invest in a good nail polish brand and see the results yourself.

Yellow Ombre Nails

Summer is all about bright colors and warm shades. If you see a blend of Yellow and Blue, then it’s a perfect summer day.

Best Ombre Nails 36 by Her Flawless Life
Best Ombre Nails 1 by Her Flawless Life
Best Ombre Nails 28 by Her Flawless Life

Why don’t you check out our Best Summer Nail Ideas?

Red Ombre Nails

Red is the color of love and the color of devil. Which side are you? Well, no doubt it works best with black to give a spooky witch look.

Best Ombre Nails 32 by Her Flawless Life
Best Ombre Nails 29 by Her Flawless Life
Best Ombre Nails 3 by Her Flawless Life
Best Ombre Nails 34 by Her Flawless Life

Never thought red ombre coffin nails will look this beautiful.

Rose Gold Ombre Nail Art

Rose Gold is a perfect color to feel the dawn and dusky effect. Some girls love it more then they love pink. Try these designs out!

Best Ombre Nails 26 by Her Flawless Life
Best Ombre Nails 27 by Her Flawless Life
Best Ombre Nails 35 by Her Flawless Life

Looks like glittery top coat works best with rose gold ombre nails.

Grey Ombre Nails

These are some of the best grey nails ideas and you can see the best blend is grey and white ombre nail gradient. You can try it with black too!

Best Ombre Nails 25 by Her Flawless Life
Best Ombre Nails 31 by Her Flawless Life
Best Ombre Nails 5 by Her Flawless Life
Best Ombre Nails 2 by Her Flawless Life

Grey works best when you are getting ready for a corporate job. This color is best to create authority and seniority over others.

Final Thoughts on Ombre Nail Art & Style

Oh, you made it to the end of this post? Looks like you are a real nail art lover. Well, that was it for the post and I believe that you will be able to make yourself these nail designs in your free time at home.

If you have any doubts, please leave them in the comment section and I would love to share my views. Share this post with your friends and family and help them doing ombre nails.

Follow us on Pinterest for the latest updates. Keep coming back to read more great stuff, buh bye.

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