12 Joker Makeup Ideas & Tutorial for Halloween Cosplay! (Joaquin Phoenix to Jack Nicholson Inspired)

Best Joker Makeup Ideas for Girls by Her Flawless Life

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Just like many superheroes and movie characters, the Joker from the DC comics has become a sensational and emotional ride for all of us. The character has got its own movie and in this post, we will discuss the Best Joker Makeup Ideas that you can follow around the internet.

We all know that the basic looks of the Joker Face makeup include green hair, white face paint with a devilish smile that extends around the cheeks.

But do you know that some people are taking this makeup tutorial to another level and giving the character of the Joker some new dimensions?

So, in this post, you will get everything about a little journey of the character of Joker and how to do a perfect Joker makeup at home. If you are looking for a Joker makeup tutorial for Halloween or some sort of cosplay, then you have landed on the right page.

Let’s learn about why Joker is so popular among all the content seekers.

Who is Joker and Why So Serious?

Joker and Batman Costume Halloween Idea by Her Flawless Life

This is a common phenomenon that we admire all those fictional characters to an extent where we all want them to exist in real life. Just like many fictional characters like Harry Potter, Marvel Super Heroes, and Professor from Money Heist, Joker is the character, or say a villain from DC comics.

Joker has been with us for many ages from comic books to movies and this character has been played by many brilliant and talented actors. Heath Ledger has been marked as the best artist to give a terror touch to the character of the Joker. But the latest movie has proved that Joaquin Phoenix has what it takes to depict all the emotions of Joker on the big screen.

A lot of people might wonder why the Joker character is so famous? Well, the answer is simple. Joker is a character who thinks of himself as a cousin of Batman and wants to take revenge on Batman for having all that wealth and class while he was brought up with a low standard of life.

He thinks that he could be a better superhero than Batman if he could have all those resources. So, hes going to take revenge on Batman by attacking Gotham City.

And he is also famous for his dialogue Why so serious?. If you want to experience the character, we highly recommend watching the performance of Heath Ledger. He has just nailed it!

Requirements for Joker Makeup

Unlike a normal makeup tutorial, for achieving this type of face makeup you need more than your normal tools. Especially when you want to get vibrant colors all around your face, you need some good quality paints that are compatible with any skin type.

Here are some products that will help you to achieve the Joker makeup look at home.

You can find a lot of alternative products all similar products with different brand names. We always recommend investing in a good company that you can trust. Going for the cheaper options can harm your skin as cheap products are made up of low-quality chemicals that can cause skin problems like itching and acne.

Got your tools? Let’s start with the easiest Joker makeup that you can have at home.

Easiest Joker Makeup Tutorial

If you know nothing about the makeup field and how to face paint your own face then you should always start with the baby steps. This is why we have included this easiest Joker makeup tutorial that you can find on the internet.

See it, get it and if you think that you can do better than this then you can also jump to the next video for something advanced.

Joaquin Phoenix inspired Easy Joker Face Makeup

Do you think that it is very easy for you? Then you should definitely check this next video.

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The secret is in the practice and time. The more time and practice you put in, the better makeup artist you will be.

Best Joker Makeup Tutorial

If you want to test your makeup skills and want to try the hardest and the best-looking Joker makeup tutorial then here we go. This tutorial is created by Alyson Tabbitha And it has gained a lot of appreciation.

Do you have the guts to try this tutorial?

Heath Ledger inspired Best Joker Makeup Tutorial

Lets jump onto the section for which you all are here…

12 Joker Makeup Ideas for Halloween and Cosplay

Now without wasting any further time, we have compiled a list of best Joker Face Makeup Ideas from your favorite social media platform Instagram and these are the results.

These results are evaluated by our team of three editors. So, we calculated the average of their rankings to provide you with the best makeup artist on Instagram and what she has made with some green hair and Joker’s bloody smile.

And here we go…

12. Easy Impactful Joker Makeup @poulpe_dominant

Joker Makeup Ideas 12 by Her Flawless Life

That’s a grungy look that you can easily achieve at home with skin friendly paint colors. Yet it looks so impactful.

11. Harley Quinn Cosplay @crybabycosplay_

Joker Makeup Ideas 11 by Her Flawless Life

Harley Quinn aka the lover of the beloved Joker is also famous for her notorious role in the DC Comic Universe. Here’s how she will look as in Joker costume.

10. Harley Quinn Joker Makeup @priscilla_junk

Joker Makeup Ideas 10 by Her Flawless Life

We all have to agree that she nailed with this look of Joker combined with Harley Quinn. It’s picture perfect and you can already imagine her in the next movie.

9. Distorted Joker Makeup @sianmariamua

Joker Makeup Ideas 8 by Her Flawless Life

Sometimes, you have to think out of the box and this is why we put this distorted Joker Makeup idea here. It’s creating an illusion of depth and that is so cool.

8. Patch Joker Makeup @witch_hazel_x

Joker Makeup Ideas 7 by Her Flawless Life

If you are emitting evilness from your makeup looks then you are pass for the test. This is not directly related to any character but somehow resembles with the Joker from the Suicide Squad movie. The details of the stiches is so accurate.

7. Pennywise Clown Makeup @kit__kreations

Joker Makeup Ideas 6 by Her Flawless Life

If we are talking about Jokers and Clowns then how can we forget about our lovely child friendly Pennywise from the move IT. This is something beyond the criteria of scary.

6. Grunge Joker Makeup @cosplaywithgaby

Joker Makeup Ideas 5 by Her Flawless Life

Looking for a theme based photography session? This quick Joker Makeup will help you to get the work done and still looking way darker than a lot of makeup ideas out there.

5. Jack Nicholson Joker Makeup @annabaxtermakeup

Joker Makeup Ideas 4 by Her Flawless Life

The style and acting of Jack Nicholson inspired the character of next gen Joker. Here is what fans are giving him back.

4. Easy Clown Makeup @angeliki.reraki_mua

Joker Makeup Ideas 3 by Her Flawless Life

If you are looking for a simple and easy to do clown makeup for Halloween then here you go.

3. Female Joker Scary @maiider_mai_mermaid

Joker Makeup Ideas 2 by Her Flawless Life

This version of Female Joker is scarier than the real one. What do you think?

2. Heath Ledger Joker @Rouch_Cosplay

Joker Makeup Ideas 1 by Her Flawless Life

Famous for the picture perfect cosplay of Deadpool, the creator has also tried for Heath Ledger inspired Joker Makeup Cosplay look and… nailed it!

1. Joker Makeup @Mrunu

Joker Makeup Ideas 9 by Her Flawless Life

Mrunal Panchal aka Mrunu is famous on Instagram for her crazy and jaw dropping makeup looks. Our editorial team observed the passion and after several judgements, we can claim that she is one of the top grossing self made makeup artist on social platform. Apart from makeup, she is also famous for her dance based reels. If you are on Instagram and still not following her, you are missing a lot!

So, that was it. There is one more thing that we forget to mention about our Joker Makeup winner Mrunal Panchal that she is highly active on Instagram and constantly making many other cosplay makeup ideas like Valak from The Conjuring or your lovely devil Lucifer Morningstar. Its totally worth checking her profile.

Final Thoughts

The character of the Joker from DC comics and especially the one played by Heath Ledger in the movie ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ has taken everyone’s appreciation. Even the latest Joker movie has proved how the emotions of a negative character can become the talk of the town.

So, if you are planning to achieve Joker looks for cosplay roles, a theme party, or Halloween this year, then this post can be so handy to take all the inspirations and ideas on your Joker Looks.

We hope that this post has helped you in some way. Share this post with your friends and families to spread love and ideas. Follow us on Pinterest to get the latest updates.

Keep coming back to read more great stuff, buh bye.

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