10 Beauty Tips for Thick Girls (Practical & Fashionable)

Beauty Tips for Thick Girls

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While being overweight is becoming a new sense of fashion and trend on our planet, people are getting more active towards looking beautiful in their own way.

If your BMI Calculator shows you in the red area then this post can be a fun ride for you. Looking for Beauty Tips for Thick Girls is a tremendous step that breaks stereotypes and I personally appreciate it.

In this post, I’ll share some of the best Beauty Tips for Thick Girls that work in practical life. So, if you are a fashion bird reading this post, this is definitely going to help you. First thing first, you are beautiful in the way you are.

Before you read further, this post is not about the ways of losing weight. That’s a completely different topic.

This post is for the girls who are chubby and want to look beautiful with fashion trends. Here’s a secret, men love girls with curvy bodies. So, having some extra pounds on your body can be a lucky thing.

Great? Let’s discuss if being thick makes you look gorgeous or not.

Do Thick Girls Look Beautiful and Pretty?

According to a recent survey, men love curvy girls more than skinny ones. Now, I don’t go by the personal choices but look at some of the celebrities that are getting a lot of attention and fanbase with die-hard audiences.

Iskra Lawrence Body by Her Flawless Life

So, by now you already know that having some extra kilograms on your body can help you to look more beautiful in a healthy way. Set the new trend of fashion among your friends and show them who’s the boss.

And here are beauty tips for curvy girls to look jaw-dropping every day. And here we go…

10 Beauty Hacks for Thick Women to Look Amazing!

Beauty Tips for Thick Girls Pin by Her Flawless Life

Okay, let me be clear. The internet is flooded with all kinds of beauty tips. I went through every post or information and filtered out this top ten list for you.

Still, if you think that I’ve missed an important tip that deserves to be shared, then leave a comment below and I’ll add it in the post.

Without wasting any more, let’s dig into the tips and show them your flawless looks.

Use Shapewear to Look Thin

One serious hack that makes you look thinner within seconds is wearing shapewear under your clothes. It’s a hack that many women are using on an everyday basis to look a lot slimmer than they actually are.

Grab soft fabric shapewear and enjoy your beautiful looks in the mirror. It’s a two-minute process to get the perfect body shape.

Go, give it a try!

Stretching for Proper Fit

You can use this trick while buying new clothes for yourself or even when you keep wearing them again and again. Once you try a dress or jeans, stretch your body in different forms to see the comforts of the cloth.

This mostly happens in the case of tight fit jeans. This is one of the most common fashion trends in western culture and you cannot avoid wearing this. So, next time when you visit a trial room, be ready to watch yourself doing crazy stuff in the mirror.

Fashion that Suits Your Body

Thick Girl Fashion by Her Flawless Life

This is a habit that you need to develop overtime to get a clear fashion sense that matches with the trends and your personal style. Spend some time in your favorite shopping mall and try different sizes to see what works best for you.

Sometimes, a particular texture or design of a dress like horizontal lines can make you look thicker. Avoid these types of clothes.

Another trick that works best for thick girls is wearing a deep neck as it makes you look taller. Pair your dress with a good heel and you are set to rock the party.

Makeup that Burns Calories

I stumbled upon YouTube and found this video for you. In this video, you will find how the right makeup can make your face look thinner than before.

You can use this type of makeup to look like a professional model in your photographs. It will take some time to figure out the right lines for your face. Once you’ll learn the curve, it will come naturally and you’ll be able to get ready faster for parties.

Carry your Waist Belts

Wearing cute dresses in summer is a dream of every girl. It makes us feel fresh and elegant all the time. That’s how we like candy the whole day. But some girls feel uncomfortable wearing dresses due to their muffin puff belly.

Don’t worry! Here’s your solution. Wear a dress that is not too tight for your body. A straight fit dress will work fine.

Get your favorite waist belt, and tie it on your belly. This look gives you a beautiful look without looking thick.

Stop Thigh Rubbing

Woman Thigh Measure by Her Flawless Life

When I say men love thick thighs that dont mean they love the redness due to thigh rubbing too. Due to thigh rubbing, you may feel redness and sweat on the area that makes it smell bad. To avoid this, you can use a deodorant that helps in killing the bad smell.

It is good to have this in winter to get your body warm but in summer, this can become a major problem for you. An alternative solution for this is to avoid stepping out too often in summers. The long term solution can be burning the thigh fat, but for the short term, you have to check it every now and then.

Tilt Downwards on Camera

We are in an age where every second is spent on clicking selfies and beautiful photographs whenever possible. So, how to look photogenic even if you are thick?

The answer lies in your jawline. You can try this experiment right now. Please a camera and click yourself by looking straight into the camera. Not take another picture but this time, tilt your head a little downwards and raise your eyes to look into the camera.

Saw the difference? This is the trick that is used by professional photographs which they do with their model.

You can even start some chin exercises to get your face in shape. Another trick is to place one leg ahead of the second and stand diagonal to look thinner in camera.

Practice it until it comes naturally and you will be coming in the next fashion magazine cover.

Use Rubber Bands for Tight Jeans

Rubber Band Fat Jeans by Her Flawless Life

Have you ever tried this rubber band trick? It’s easy to make a loop and stay all day long. There are some fat days when you cannot tie the button of your favorite pants.

It could be some extra weight or morning breakfast that you still need to digest. And if you ask how a pregnant woman wears her clothes even after having her belly pumps out, this is the magic behind it.

Use a small (not too stretchy) rubber band, make a loop from the hole and tie it over the button. Wear a long shirt or top over it to hide it behind the cloth.

No one can tell the difference unless they ask why you didn’t tie your hair.

No Cardio, Lift Weights

Workout and diet create a lot of confusion between women who want to look thin. This is a myth that you need to cut off food intake to lose weight. The real solution is balancing your diet in such a way that you never feel hungry.

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And with the diet comes the cardio. No doubt, running, and sweating can burn a lot of fat. But, you need to understand the fundamentals of your body. Fat provides strength for lifting and doing heavy stuff. 

You can use your body capacity to lift weights instead of running and breaking your limbs. You can have a blend of cardio and weight lifting to get 

Dieting is Eating Right Food

Woman Holding Diet Plate by Her Flawless Life

Another myth is not eating the food that your body requires on a daily basis. A lot of women try to cut off their meal and end up having body ache or a low immune system.

This so-called “Dieting” drama runs for a week or two and then they start eating a lot of food to satisfy their wait. Results? More fat than before.

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The right solution is cutting off unhealthy food items and habits, and replacing them with nutritional value.

You can replace your soft drink and French fries with milk and salad. Remember, don’t skip the meal, just replace it with good food. If you won’t eat, it will reflect on your face and beauty.


And that’s a wrap for this post. There’s nothing wrong with being thick or looking bigger than your friends. Everyone has their own standards of good and bad. People are free to have their own opinions but what matters is how you see yourself.

So, don’t force yourself in applying all these tips if it doesn’t come naturally. You are beautiful in the way you are and people love you. This post is for those who are working on their bodies to look better for themselves.

I hope this post will help you in some way. If you think your trick deserves a ranking in this post then do comment below. Share it with your friends and spread happiness. Follow us on Pinterest for more such content. Keep coming back for reading good stuff, buh bye.

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