8 Beauty Tips that Every Girl should Follow to Look Stunning!

Beauty Tips for Girls by Her Flawless Life

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Looking gorgeous is a must for some girls and if you are a member of this beauty club too, then this post will teach you about 8 Beauty Tips and Habits that every girl should know to look beautiful, even at home.

First of all, this is an extended version of our mega-post How to Look Pretty!, so if you havent read it yet then you must read that post first. It will be worth reading your time.

Now, talking about beauty, then we believe that everyone is beautiful in their own version. Comparing yourself to others is not an ideal aspect of living a great life. This post highlights the visual aspect of your body. You can also learn about living a stress-free life to become happy and beautiful.

Without wasting any further time, lets get to the list…

8 Beauty Tips for Gorgeous Girls

Beauty Tips for girls by Her Flawless Life

This is a personal opinioned list and you can extend these tips into your daily routine. You can develop these habits to look stunning all the time, even when you are at home with your pets.

You can also comment below any beauty tip that you think we missed in this list and we will definitely add that into this list.

And here we go…

Grow your Eyelashes

Sassy Red Eyeliner by Her Flawless Life

Having long and dense eyelashes can make you look like an angel within seconds. You always starve for fake eyelashes extension whenever getting ready for your party. What if you dont need them anymore?

Getting long and thick eyelashes is a beautiful facial feature and you can look damn cute with this one tip. You can read our post on How to Grow your Eyelashes within 30 days and get the best results, even before your expected timeline.

Do you know that by adding Biotin to your diet, you can increase the growth rate of your hair and nails? You can eat eggs to get your daily dose of Biotin or try these Biotin Supplements to fill your nutritional gap.

De-Tan your Elbows & Knees

Woman Elbow by Her Flawless Life

The dark skin of elbows and knees is completely noticeable and you cannot ignore the calling of scrubbing your elbows and knees to remove tanning or any kind of layer of dead skin cells.

Its really easy and accessible to give a glowing look to those areas. Just follow the below steps and get your results in no time:

  • Clean your elbows with water and body shower gel. Wipe it completely with a soft towel.
  • Use lemon extracts with Vitamin E Gelly and apply it on your elbow and massage the area. Use circular motions and let it settle for 20 minutes.
  • Rinse your elbows with cold water. Now, apply a paste of Multani Mitti (Fullers Earth) and let it dry. Again, remove it gently with cold water.
  • Repeat this with your knees too.

You can do this every week to see the results. Always use a soft brush to exfoliate while bathing. Exfoliation is a great process to shed your dead skin cells in the shower.

Use Lip Scrubs

Lipstick Woman by Her Flawless Life

This is one of the common mistakes that all women do once in their lifetime. You always buy the best products for your face, body, and hair. But, what about your lips?

Your lips help you to smile with confidence and you should always take care of them. Taking good care of your lips is easier than you think.

You can apply a lip scrub mask to get cherry-like pink glossy lips. The main ingredients are honey and brown sugar. Make a paste and apply it to your lips. Massage with fingertips or a soft bristle brush in a circular manner.

Are you ready for cute flying kisses? Good luck!

Apply Hair Serum or Non-Sticky Hair Oil after Shower

Hair Care Routine by Her Flawless Life

Your hair gets frisky and rough after using that shampoo and conditioner that only contains chemicals. We always recommend using herbal hair products to get the best nourishment for your hair.

Some girls have a bad habit of blow-drying their hair which is not good for your hair growth at all. To get rid of these rough hair, you can use hair serums or non-sticky hair oil to get shiny hair in no time.

The serum protects your hair by forming a layer of protection that keeps heat and dust particles away from your hair. Applying non-sticky hair oil provides nutrition to your hair without making you look like your aunt.

You can also try oiling before washing your hair to get similar results.

DIY Pedicure at Home

Pedicure Feet Woman by Her Flawless Life

You will get addicted to your pedicure routine once you started adding it into your weekly routine. For some reason, pedicures are time-consuming but you can manage to soak your feet in the warm water while attending a skype call from your boss.

If you go to a salon, it can cost you and can shake your monthly budget. This is why we always recommend doing a pedicure routine at home. It will cost you less and you can do it anytime, no more waiting hours for appointments.

Heres a quick guide on how to do pedicure at home:

  • Get rid of your nail polish and soak your feet in warm water for 20 minutes.
  • Use a soft-bristled brush (you can also use any spare toothbrush) and scrub your toes and the rest of the skin of your feet. Dont leave the bottom sides of your feet.
  • Apply a foot scrub cream and massage gently. This will help in removing the dead skin cells.
  • Rinse it with cold water and apply lotion or foot cream.
  • Use nail polish to decorate your nails. As an alternative, you can also use a nail buffer to get the shine.
  • If you have applied nail paint, then use a transparent shine coat over your nail polish.

You can do this every week to maintain your gorgeous feet. Remember, they carry your weight, they deserve all the attention in the world.

Get Rid of Dark Circles & Black Heads

Cucumber Slices on Eyes by Her Flawless Life

Your face is one of the most important parts of your visual appearance. We all remember people by how they look and we find a common resemblance of facial organs. And to be honest, in the field of beauty and fashion, face value is on the priority list for content creators and supermodels.

This is why you must take care of your face like a baby. Your face has sensitive skin that is exposed to pollutants and other harmful agents that make it look dull. You must develop a suitable facial routine to get rid of anything unwanted from your face. Pimples are common but Black Heads and Dark circles can make you look dirty and sleepy all the time.

You can maintain the health of your eyes to get rid of dark circles. It includes taking 8-hour sleep and applying Vitamin E gelly extracts with lemon under your eyes to get rid of the dark circle like a magic trick.

For blackheads, you can use a charcoal mask and blackhead not sheets to pull all those tiny black holes that are sucking the compliments that you deserve.

Using DIY Clay Masks on your Face can result in clean and clear skin in no time.

Wear Complimenting Clothes

Beautiful Woman in Dress by Her Flawless Life

This is a big issue with girls who have less knowledge about the latest fashion trends. If you go into your local supermarket, you will still find some girls in those decorative clothes. Putting personal preferences aside for the sake of current fashion trends, people are going towards minimalism and less fancy clothes to be particular.

The trend of solid colors (not too bright) is getting a lot of support on Instagram and you must go with the trend. You can read about these summer outfit trends that are currently viral on Instagram to get an idea of how you can swap your wardrobe.

Moreover, wearing colors that are complementary to your skin helps you to stand out in the crowd.

Eat for your Body

Woman Holding Diet Plate by Her Flawless Life

Feel free to go through our blog and you will find that we have always focused on waiting well for your beauty. If you ask anyone in your friend circle, they all will say that diet is responsible for more than 60% of their human characteristics. But not all of them will maintain their diet as per the needs of their body.

So, we will still stress eating good food items for your body. There are foods that are specifically designed to provide you nutrients for a particular activity in your body.

For example, you must eat Iron and Zinc in order to deal with weakness caused by your menstruation cycle. Apart from that in you can focus on eating food with Biotin to nourish your hair and nails. Biotin helps in the growth of human cell and strengthen your body looks.

We recently talked about 20 Food Items that are beneficial for your skin. So, you must focus on eating well and this is the best beauty tip that you will find on this post.

Final Thoughts on Beauty Tips

And thats a wrap! You can read our post on How to Look Pretty (Mega Post) to get a detailed overview of every aspect of your beautiful looks. We hope that this post will help you in getting your desired looks soon.

Comment down below what you liked about this post and also share any important tip that you think deserves this list.

Feel free to share it with your friends and family and follow us on Pinterest to get the latest updates.

Keep coming back to read more great stuff, buh bye.

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