14 Ayurvedic Beauty Tips for Flawless Skin at Home!

Ayurvedic Beauty Tips by Her Flawless Life

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Our lives have become so busy in the day-to-day rush from home to office and then back home with all the stress and challenges that we face every day. This is the time when you need to introduce Ayurveda to your life. Ayurveda is like an art of science which deals with living that is inspired by nature’s touch. It originated in India and works as a backbone for a healthy lifestyle that is turning into you a trend in our modern society.

In this post, we will discuss the 14 best ayurvedic beauty tips that you can use to get real results for your skin. These ayurvedic tips are universal for everybody and come with no disadvantages.

Our lifestyle has driven us into chemical-based product usage that is harming our body rather than curing it.

Without any further wait, let’s get to the Ayurvedic beauty tips for skin that works like magic. But, you need to understand why these ayurvedic tips are best for your body.

Why Ayurvedic Tips are Best for the Body?

As we mentioned earlier, we are using more and more chemical-based products on a daily basis. From beauty products to the food we eat, everything is processed in machines. This method is evaporating nutrients into the thin air.

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On the other hand, yogic science and Ayurveda are coming with traditional approaches towards a lifestyle where there is no space for side effects.

For example, a beauty cream made up of several chemicals can damage your skin with any kind of reaction. Meanwhile, using natural ingredients like aloe vera gel or Neem leaves extract purifies your skin without damaging your skin cells.

With this simple example, you can understand the importance and essence of Ayurveda in our life. So, if you are looking for a way to get your skin to glow naturally, then using these Ayurvedic beauty tips will be the best option for you.

And here we go…

Ayurvedic Beauty Tips for Glowing Skin!

This is the time when you will be reading these Ayurvedic beauty tips. There are tons of other tips but we have filtered the best and most suitable ones.

Some of the tips on this list are interrelated to each other. You will find a common connection between all the tips this completely focused on curing your body inside out.

This is the ultimate way of working on your body by hitting the root problem of it.

Reduce Salt & Sugar Intake

Woman on Diet by Her Flawless Life

If you go by the Ayurvedic habits, then why no food is considered as the best option for the body. Intaking Salt can manipulate your blood pressure levels and that leads to cardiovascular damage.

On the other hand, eating a lot of sugar can affect your collagen levels which lead to inflammation in the skin. It lowers down the elasticity of your skin.

So, if you want to get toned skin, be ready for eating food with less taste and more nutrition value. Sugar-Free (amazon link) can be a good alternative if you cannot compromise on the taste.

Eat Dry Fruits & Nuts

Nuts like almonds and walnut contain a lot of nutrients. These nutrients are necessary for proper cell growth. Walnut contains healthy fat and Omega 3 fatty acids that are good for your skin and cardiovascular system.

If you want to lose weight without compromising the nutrients, you can eat a handful of chia seeds and sunflower seeds.

Almond milk is also considered a natural moisturizer for your body. Walnut and cashew also help in boosting your memory power. And that makes you, beauty with a brain.

Drink Green Tea

Woman Drinking Tea by Her Flawless Life

A true Indian is always a tea lover. And this habit of drinking green tea or herbal tea has come from ancient Ayurveda. The saints knew the power of roots and plant-based hot water in fighting bacteria and toxic elements in our body.

Herbs like ginger, tulsi, chamomile, and lemon help in the circulation of your digestive system. This will kill all the bad bacteria inside your body and help you in getting glowing skin.

Have Fixed Sleeping Habit

Smartphones and Unlimited Internet has made us scroll through every single social media post. We all have become night owls but this habit is affecting your health and beauty. Not getting enough sleep can confuse your mind and you’ll realize a reduction in your strength and working capabilities.

More or less, this will indirectly affect your skin and you can expect acne and dark circles.

Your cell restoration process will get uneven and it will dry out the moisture from your body. This leads to premature aging and wrinkles. So, you should always follow and stick to your schedule of sleeping. Another concept of Ayurveda for sleeping is not to sleep with your head in the north direction. The magnetism of the North pulls the blood upwards to your brain and causes headaches overnight.

You should always use a Silk Pillow Cover as it absorbs less moisture from your hair than a cotton one. Happy sleeping!

Eat for Body, Not for Taste

Woman Holding Diet Plate by Her Flawless Life

Have you read our post on Food Items for Glowing Skin? If not, then you’re missing the secrets of how celebrities look so young by changing their eating habits.

This has been always considered a foolproof solution for most of the human body challenges in Ayurveda. Your belly is the root of all your health-related issues.

For example, you eat oily and get pimples all over the face. You drink water and you sweat more for cleansing your skin. So, you should always eat what your body needs.

There are two important nutrients that you need to add to your diet. Iron and Biotin are those nutrients. Eat green vegetables and Salmon fish for these nutrients. Although in Ayurveda, eating other animals is prohibited. So, you can have Biotin supplements to fill the gap.

Moisturize Your Skin

Indian Ayurveda focuses on moisturizing and hydrating your body from time to time to get a healthy body and skin. You can moisturize your body from the inside by drinking appropriate water on a daily basis.

But what about your outer body?

This is why we recommend massaging your body with essential oil elements that help your skin and boosts your immune system.

Massaging your body with oil is an essential practice in Ayurveda. It is followed by the science of the body that helps to relax the muscles. You can get help from a friend or family, or you can visit your nearest spa for getting an oil massage. The best time for having it is before you go to sleep. This is the time when your body is going towards a rest mode and it will have enough time to rejuvenate skin cells.

Engage in Physical Activities

Skateboard Woman Happy by Her Flawless Life

Exercising and physical workouts have a lot of benefits for your body. It helps in growing your muscles and also boosts blood circulation. The circulated blood helps in natural glowing skin by providing all the essential nutrients to your skin cells.

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The sweat that releases from exercising or workout helps in releasing all the toxic elements from your skin. It cleans your body and keeps you warm.

This warmth is transformed into a red color touch up on your face without applying any makeup. So, make a routine of engaging in any kind of physical activity like yoga, your passion sports, gym workouts, etc.

Not only the skin, but it will also help your body in getting stronger and better.

Cut-Off Cold Water

The science of Ayurveda claims that drinking cold water can be injurious to your body in a long way. And science completely agrees on this topic.

Drinking cold or chilled water has many side effects as it plays with your digestive system directly. For example, drinking chilled water slows down the fat breakdown process. It also slows down your heart rate.

As the fat breakdown process works at a slower speed, it can lead to other digestive problems like constipation.

It is also recommended to drink room temperature water after 30 minutes of your meal to get the best benefit.

Understand Real Meditation

Meditation Woman by Her Flawless Life

Ayurveda always focuses on inner engineering where you meditate to connect with your body in order to heal itself. The concept of meditation is having a clear mind that focuses on positivity and productivity throughout life.

You might be wondering, how is it related to the health of your skin?

Well, when you have a clear and balanced mind, it also helps in producing a balance in the hormone levels of your body. Some of the hormones that are related to stress or anger are capable enough to affect your skin. In stress, you can find people premature aging and dull skin.

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This is why you should always follow a realistic part of self-consciousness and self-love that helps you to get better in every aspect of life. If your mind is on the right track, your body will automatically follow it. 

Don’t Over Expose To Sun

While consuming vitamin D from sunlight can be a good idea to balance the immune system and body functions. But exposing your skin for a longer time than required can lead to bad consequences.

If you have fair and sensitive skin, then over-exposing your body to sunlight can lead to Sunburn, turning, and hyperpigmentation. This is why you should always cover yourself with a breathable cloth or hat.

We also recommend using a sunscreen that protects you from UV rays. Your hair is delicate and heat can soak all the moisture from them.

Neem or Papaya Leaves Juice

Neem Juice by Her Flawless Life

You might not like this idea but drinking neem or papaya leaves juice can give you the best results for you and your skin.

The bitterness of these two ingredients helps in the purification of your blood like magic. For example, papaya leaves juice can help in fighting acne and other skin problems. It is best suitable for having a regular menstruation cycle. It is good for your liver and digestive system and detoxifies your body inside out.

Experts also recommend that bathing with neem extracts based water can clear layers of bacteria and toxic agents on your skin. For people who eat a lot of sugar and sweets in their daily life, drinking these bitter juices can be the best solution to balance your sugar levels.

Breath Morning Air

There is no explanation to this point as we already know about the air index level around us. If we go by the facts, then results are already in red and no doubt we all are purchasing air purifiers from Amazon.

So, you must wake up early to breathe the freshness of nature before it gets faded away with pollution.

Air pollutants are harmful to your skin as well as the respiratory system. This leads to another precaution that whenever you find yourself in a highly polluted area, always wear a mask. Cover your face and hair from dust particles.

Bath with Milk

Milk Bathing Woman by Her Flawless Life

Bathing with milk is an old practice that gets a lot of encouragement from Indian women. People who are suffering from skin irritations, allergies, or inflammation, can try bathing with milk to get skin soothing results.

Milk has high moisture rising properties and its lactic acid helps in deep cleansing the pores on your face. High-fat saturated milk is considered the most moisturized one and helps you in getting buttery soft skin.

People who are vegan can try coconut milk that gives you similar results to normal milk.

Use Soft Brush Scrubbing

This is an old practice in Ayurveda to stimulate your blood flow using a soft bristle brush. Scrubbing your skin in a circular motion from bottom to top can increase the blood flow and helps to tone your skin.

Some people do it after bathing while others have a separate skincare routine including scrubbing with a brush.

The method is really simple. Start bruising your skin from your feet in a circular motion and follow this movement to your heart. The sensation of vibration helps in waking up lazy skin cells. If your skin is too sensitive, consider using a soft bristle brush.

You can also perform this activity while bathing. Once the circulation movement reaches your heart, rinse your body with cold water.


Here’s an end to this post but the list of Ayurvedic beauty tips is unlimited. Maintaining a distance with chemicals and using herbal or natural products can be a good choice. You have used chemical-based products and this is the time when you need to detoxify your body with the essence of nature.

Try these tips and let us know what you think about them in the comment section. You can also come in down your favorite Ayurvedic beauty tips, that you think, deserves to be on this list.

Share this post with your friends and family and help them in getting a healthy life. Keep coming back for reading good stuff, buh bye.

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