4 Quick Tips to Avoid Winter Weight Gain and Look Fit & Slim!

Winter Weight Gain by Her Flawless Life

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Who wants to enjoy Winters as much as Elsa from The Frozen and look as beautiful as Elsa from the same movie?

Winters are happy, you get to wear beautiful clothes, fluffy sweaters, caps, etc. You can enjoy campfires but… Hey? Did you check your weight?

Gaining weight in the winters is a common problem among all the girls and raise no surprise if you look chubby after the month of January.

To solve this problem, we’ve created a quick post on avoiding winter weight gain easily at home.

Best of luck!

4 Ways to Avoid Winter Weight Gain

Although we have already covered these tips in 14 Ayurvedic Beauty Tips for Girls and Lazy Ways to Weight Loss for Girls, this list has been made by keeping Winter Weight Gain in mind. There’s nothing new about winters, it’s all about moving your body in those blue days.

Here are 4 Quick Tips to Avoid Winter Weight Gain naturally at home.

Let’s begin…

Cut on High Calories Drinks

Woman Drinking Tea by Her Flawless Life

This is one of the common sources of high calories that we intake every winter. Due to chilled weather, we tend to consume hot drinks like coffee and a hot chocolate shake.

Now, there is nothing bad about drinking coffee. But it increases your sugar intake and that is a major source of fat in your body.

Other than that, we consume a lot of food as compared to summers due to the increase in sitting time in winters.

For you, it could be another chill day with Netflix and some coffee & cookies, but for your digestive system, it is another chunk of sugar that it will add to the fat quantity in your body.

So, our number 1 tips to reduce and cut off (if possible) high-calorie drinks in winters.

Add Home Workout to Routine

Woman Body Stretching by Her Flawless Life

Another great reason for being thicker in winter is sitting in the blankets the whole day. We all can agree to one common issue regarding the winter season and that is getting lazy day by day.

Here’s a customized workout plan that you can perform while at home. It’s easy and you can perform 1-3 sets according to your progress with it.

Home Workout Routine by Her Flawless Life

Keeping your body active is the best way to get rid of winter weight gain easily and naturally.

Drink Water (It’s Tough!)

Water Drinking Woman by Her Flawless Life

Yes, it’s tougher than you think. In a recent study, it was found that 60% of the total people were not drinking enough water due to bad day routine and when they did, 40% of them felt a tremendous boost in their energy.

Winters are cold and you don’t want to get near anything that gives you chills. We get it but that doesn’t mean that you can skip your daily water intake.

The human body needs water to regulate itself. If you have a sensitive throat, we suggest you drink lukewarm water.

Track your daily water log in Waterminder and use a trackable water bottle (Amazon link) throughout your day.

Use Small Bowls

Woman Curd Bowl by Her Flawless Life

This is a quick tip for everyone who is struggling with overeating and taking fasts. Not having a proper meal is not a solution but overeating can be.

If you cannot skip meals or avoid having something 6-7 times a day, then you can opt for this little hack.

The concept is all about fooling your mind to think in another way. For example, you eat ‘X’ food 8 times a day.

So, you can use small utensils where you can eat only half of ‘X’ at a time.

By using this trick, you’ll eat ‘X’ 8 times, but it will be equal to 4 ‘X’ only.

Got the point? Using small bowls can help you to control calories and you’ll feel full tummy by cutting your actual intake to up to 40%. Now that’s what we call a lifehack at its best.

Final Thoughts on Winter Weight Gain

The weight that you gain in winters is somewhat natural for everybody. But, just like celebrities and Instagram models, you can avoid getting those extra pounds in winters with some little effort.

Apart from that, working out at home is one of the most useful tips for everybody. You need to keep your body active in order to get the best results.

We hope that this post will help you in some ways. Take your time and build yourself a routine that works for you.

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